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Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) and Teen Parents Essay ex

Transitory Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) and Tenn Parents The American Public never cherished social government assistance programs, yet it didn't really need them disassembled. Truth be told, by the mid 1990s, almost 50 percent of all families drew on government profits by Food stamps to standardized savings to contract intrigue charge findings. To persuade the open that it remained to pick up from littler government and more fragile social projects, the reformers needed to subvert the longstanding conviction that administration should assume an enormous job in the public eye. Abramovitz (1996) propose that Civil rights gains were called invert segregation and the triumphs of the women’s and gay rights development were viewed as a danger to â€Å"family values.† Having set the stage, the government assistance reformers started the assault on the government assistance state by focusing on AFDC, the most defenseless and least well known government assistance program. Drawing on sociology hypotheses that accused neediness for the qualities and conduct of poor people, the reformers set forward the conviction that social issues originated from a â€Å"culture of poverty† that advanced â€Å"defective† values and â€Å"deviant† conduct. In 1996, Congress passed and the President marked the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (P.L. 104-93). It consolidated AFDC (Aid to Families w/Dependent Children) JOBS, and Emergency Assistance into square awards of single topped privilege to states and put government childcare subsidizing into a different square award for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF). The new government law known as TANF was actualized in many states inside the year. Mirroring the â€Å"work first† approach, TANF set a lifetime breaking point of five years on government assistance qualification. The new way to deal with government assistance... ...Philadelphia, PA- Manlove, J. (1998) The impact of secondary school drop out and school separation on the danger of young pregnancy, Journal of Research on Adolescence, 8, 182-185 Mathews M. and Shelly, S. (1999) Turned away deceived, and denied; Teen guardians involvement with the government assistance office. Youth law News, July, August 1999 Roseman, E. and Yoshikawa, H. (1999) Effects of government assistance change on offspring of youthful mother, balance by maternal wretchedness, father association and grandma contribution Women and Health 32, June 1999. Vallerand R., Fortier M. and Guay F. (2000) School inspiration for teenagers. Diary of Education Today, December 2000 Werthmeier, R. (1998). Childbearing by teenagers; Links to government assistance change. The Urban Institute, Fall Report, 1998 Zonker, L., (1997) Teenage pregnancy; Situation and systems. The Florida Nurse, June, 1997

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Nursing Fundamentals of Lung Auscultation

Question: Talk about the Nursing for the Fundamentals of Lung Auscultation. Answer: 1. Extreme dyspnoeacan be a reason for hypercapnia and hypoxia, outcomes for the most part from artificially enticed respiratory engine activity. The serious shortness of breath going with extreme hypercapnia isn't a picture of respiratory muscle activity however a significant impression of respiratory engine activity. It has been discovered that intense windedness emerges from amplifiedPCo2. Intense dyspnoeamay be related with an aspiratory or heart anomalies. Heart issue that may encourage dyspnoeainclude left ventricular systolic or diastolic brokenness, intra-cardiovascular or extra-cardiovascular shunts, arrhythmias, pericardial malady, valvular ailment, pneumonic hypertension and myocardial localized necrosis (Janssen et al. 2011). The patient had a past record of cardiovascular breakdown which propose the nearness of harmed heart muscle. Respiratory rate is a marker of genuine heart condition. 24 breaths/minute was the most significant indicator of heart failure in medical clinics. Alveolar ventilation (a result of flowing volume and respiratory rate) is commonly carefully constrained by the exercises of focal and fringe lung and chemoreceptors receptors. Ventilation is constrained by in collaboration of the blood vessel fragmentary weight of carbon dioxide (PaCo2) and the blood vessel partial weight of oxygen (PaO2) with PaCo2being the most imperative factor. The body endeavors to treat hypercarbia and hypoxaemia by raising both respiratory rate and flowing volume (Janssen et al. 2011). In this way these clutters can be spotted by evaluating the respiratory rate. The patient indicated a drop in oxygen immersion. It tends to be because of poor pneumonic capacity. As per Hoeper and Granton (2011), vaporous trade could be changed even in gentle disappointments. An arterialoxygen immersion rate under 90 percentorigins hypoxemia. This happens when blood backs up in the pulmonic veins in light of the fact that the heart can't stay aware of the sum, starting hole of liquid into the lungs and liquid amassing in the tissues. It is fundamental to take note of that once the oxygen immersion drops to between 80-85 percent it will quickly fall away without the help of valuable oxygen. Because of this reason medical attendants should exertion to keep oxygen immersions of a patient over 90 percent. The patient had a systolic weight 170 and the diastolic weight 95 which is a hypertension of stage 2 level. The pathogenesis of hypertension can have various causes. Masip et al. (2012) and numerous different specialists have uncovered an immediate association between the level and length of raised circulatory strain and left ventricular hypertrophy. Diastolic brokenness joined by LVH can prompt hypertension during cardiovascular breakdown. Sinus tachycardia was seen in the patient (beat rate 110/minute). Tachycardia emerges when an inconsistency in the heart yields quick electrical movements over the heart tissue. A cardiovascular breakdown that harm the heart tissue can make it quicken (Masip et al., 2012). On auscultation snaps at the base of every lung must be brought about by the opening of little air sections and alveoli fallen because of exudate, liquid or absence of air circulation during termination. Aspiratory edema optional to left-sided heart failurecan begin snaps (Bohadana et al. 2014). 2. First procedure to oversee Mrs. Browns condition is to balance out the declined cardiovascular yield. In a brief period (3-4 hours) arranging of nursing intercessions, the patient will be contribute in activities that diminishes the remaining burden of the heart. Following 24 to 48 hours of long haul care, the patient ought to be fit to show hemodynamic quality. These nursing intercessions incorporate habitually observing of circulatory strain and heartbeat rate since tolerant with heart issues can encounter rennin-angiotensin instrument; observing oxygen immersion and ABGs for checking the hearts ability to perfuse distal tissues with O2 containing blood and actualizing systems to regard liquid and electrolyte disparities as it can diminish the threat for creating of cardiovascular yield because of irregular characteristics (Scherb et al., 2011). Giving oral consideration Q2 can be helpful for conditions like Mrs. Earthy colored. Venous blockage can bring about expanded slim weight. Liquid breaks out of the vessels when hydrostatis pressure outperforms interstitial weight. It can in the end cause edema in sacrum and legs. Height of legs upsurges venous reoccurrence to the heart (Felker et al., 2011). Observing enlarged neck veins and ascites shows liquid over-burden. Oral consideration Q2 with diuretic treatment can be significant for treating these issues. 3. IV furosemide obliges reabsorption of water in the nephron by checking the sodium-potassium-chloride co-transporter in the thick climbing appendage of the Henles circle. This is accomplished by means of serious hesitance at the chloride restricting destinations on the co-transporters, in this way preventing the transportation of sodium from the lumen into the basolateral interstitium. Antagonistic impacts of this medication incorporates chest torment, fever, shortcoming, loss of craving, sore throat, torment in upper stomach and back, windedness, wheezing, trouble in pee, dim hued pee and stool, queasiness and heaving and so on. During the treatment with furosemide the renal capacity ought to be observed and renal ultrasonography might be required. In the event that the patient have any liver sickness, customary checking of the electrolytes is suggested (Fleg et al., 2011). As the body acclimates to the medication during treatment these unfriendly impacts may go away.If any of the issues keep on happening, an adjustment in prescription must be finished. Glyceryl trinitrate is a vasodilating drug which loosens up vascular smooth muscle and diminishes pneumonic vascular obstruction by widening both venous and blood vessel beds. It produces nitric oxide as a functioning metabolite which is a strong activator ofguanylyl cyclase. Nitric oxide multiplies the degree of cGMPwithin the cell which thus triggers myosin light chain phosphatase through cGMP-subordinate protein kinase. A low circulatory strain, cerebral pains, looseness of the bowels, dazedness, queasiness and heaving are antagonistic impacts of GTN. Alert is basic in defenseless patients like Mrs. Earthy colored. Detailing associated unfriendly responses after application with the medication is significant. It permits supported nursing of the hazard components of the drug.Lowering of the patient's head or height of the legs might be valuable if there should arise an occurrence of gentle hypotension (Ferreira and Mochly-Rosen, 2012). Estimation of blood vessel blood gas ought to be accomplished for looking at acidosis. Oxygen treatment can likewise be given in specific cases. References Bohadana, An., Izbicki, G., Kraman, S. S. (2014). Basics of lung auscultation.New England Journal of Medicine,370(8), 744-751. Endres, M., Heuschmann, P. U., Laufs, U., Hakim, A. M. (2011). Essential avoidance of stroke: circulatory strain, lipids, and heart failure.European heart journal,32(5), 545-552. Felker, G. M., Lee, K. L., Bull, D. A., Redfield, M. M., Stevenson, L. W., Goldsmith, S. R., ... Anstrom, K. J. (2011). Diuretic procedures in patients with intense decompensated heart failure.New England Journal of Medicine,364(9), 797-805. Felker, G. M., Lee, K. L., Bull, D. A., Redfield, M. M., Stevenson, L. W., Goldsmith, S. R., ... Anstrom, K. J. (2011). Diuretic procedures in patients with intense decompensated heart failure.New England Journal of Medicine,364(9), 797-805. Ferreira, J. C., Mochly-Rosen, D. (2012). Nitroglycerin use in myocardial dead tissue patients: dangers and benefits.Circulation diary: official diary of the Japanese Circulation Society,76(1), 15. Fleg, J. L., Aronow, W. S., Frishman, W. H. (2011). Cardiovascular medication treatment in the old: advantages and challenges.Nature Reviews Cardiology,8(1), 13-28. Hoeper, M. M., Granton, J. (2011). Emergency unit of patients with serious aspiratory hypertension and right heart failure.American diary of respiratory and basic consideration medicine,184(10), 1114-1124. Janssen, D. J., Spruit, M. A., Uszko-Lencer, N. H., Schols, J. M., Wouters, E. F. (2011). Side effects, comorbidities, and social insurance in cutting edge ceaseless obstructive aspiratory ailment or interminable cardiovascular breakdown. Diary of palliative medicine,14(6), 735-743. Katz, A. M., Konstam, M. A. (2012).Heart disappointment: pathophysiology, atomic science, and clinical administration. Lippincott Williams Wilkins. Masip, J., Gay, M., Pez, J., Betbes, A., Vecilla, F., Manresa, R., Ruz, P. (2012). Heartbeat oximetry in the finding of intense heart failure.Revista Espaola de Cardiologa (English Edition),65(10), 879-884. Scherb, C. A., Head, B. J., Maas, M. L., Swanson, E. A., Moorhead, S., Reed, D., ... Kozel, M. (2011). Most Frequent Nursing Diagnoses, Nursing Interventions, and Nursingà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ Sensitive Patient Outcomes of Hospitalized Older Adults With Heart Failure: Part 1.International diary of nursing wordings and classifications,22(1), 13-22. Tanai, E., Frantz, S. (2014). Pathophysiology of cardiovascular breakdown. Extensive Physiology.

American Legal and Constitutional History

As inhabitants or residents of the United States of America, we appreciate certain rights that numerous individuals over the world don't have. One of those rights is the right to speak freely of discourse, which is ensured to us all through the United States Constitution. Nonetheless, in certain cases, our ability to speak freely rights can be constrained. One of those conditions includes opportunity of political articulation. Now, one would need to ask; in what manner can a fair nation, which, similar to all other equitable nations, depends on the right to speak freely of discourse, limit the equivalent under certain conditions?In request to get why and how this can occur, we will initially analyze the idea of citizenship and the Constitution of the United States as it identifies with opportunity of political discourse. Notwithstanding that, we will dissect how the right to speak freely of discourse as it identifies with governmental issues can influence security and what influences current enactment has on the right to speak freely of discourse. In light of the previously mentioned examine, I mean to demonstrate that trading off opportunity of political articulation is an infringement of the United States Constitution and as such can't be allowed.Furthermore, I will contend that passing lawmaking body, for example, the US Patriot Act can be exceptionally perilous as it furnishes government with the ability to disregard our ability to speak freely rights. Citizenship In the initial segment of the paper, we will analyze and sum up the idea of citizenship. This is a broad procedure that is characterized as â€Å"the process by which a few people are incorporated and others are avoided as individuals from the community† (Walker, 2002). In our nation, everyone living here, in any case if resident or not, appreciates similar insurances from the law.The idea of citizenship is significant on the grounds that it partners us with our country and with the traditi on that must be adhered to. â€Å"Essentially, rights conceded to residents are commonly spoken to by a continuum; in any case, the unimportant presence of citizenship doesn't really compare to identical portrayal no matter how you look at it, frequently with glaring irregularities across comparative geographic areas or notable periods, of which history is overflowing with models. † (Gans 2005). So for what reason is citizenship so significant? Citizenship is significant in light of the fact that it gives everyone the sacred rights.Nobody can remove them from a United States resident, paying little heed to his political perspectives or proclamations. As United States residents, we are qualified for a lot of rights, which is one of a kind on the planet. The United States Constitution qualifies us for those rights and ensures that we can appreciate them. The United States Constitution is the arrangement of records that typify the standards on which the United States is administ ered. The Constitution is the preeminent tradition that must be adhered to and no other law, at any degree of government, can be built up without considering the standards and rights as set out in that document.The part that is particularly essential to American as it relates straightforwardly to their privileges is the piece of the Constitution that is known as the Bill of Rights. The initial ten changes of the United States constitution are all the more ordinarily alluded to as the â€Å"Bill of Rights,† in light of the fact that they characterize explicit rights that are conceded to every single United State residents by the Constitution of the United States. â€Å"The Bill of Rights is demonstrated on numerous other comparative archives, all of which owe their origin to the Magna Carta, the bill of rights written in England in 1215 CE.The Bill of Rights is viewed as a significant piece of the Constitution, and is additionally an indispensable piece of mainstream society; most Americans, for instance, recognize what somebody implies when the person in question â€Å"pleads the fifth,† a reference to the Fifth Amendment, which shields individuals from self recrimination. † (Smith 2003) The piece of the Bill of Rights that is of worry to this paper is its First Amendment. As per the First Amendment there are really a few rights ensured to all residents similarly. Numerous individuals recollect two of them, the option to free discourse, and the privilege to a free press.There are not very many exemptions to free discourse and expense press. Composing or talking words that could be established as a danger to the American individuals or genuinely undermining the life of somebody can prompt a common claim or even criminal arraignment. The option to free discourse and free press completely incorporates any political articulations, paying little heed to what nature. Things being what they are, if these rights are ensured to us, for what reason do a few people have worries about political articulation? Political Expression and constraints In wake of the 9/11 assault on United States a disputable bit of enactment called â€Å"The USA Patriot Act† has been passed.The issue with this enactment lies in its meaning of fear based oppression or psychological militant exercises. â€Å"The USA PATRIOT Act area 802 characterizes household psychological oppression so comprehensively that it could apply to an individual practicing their right to speak freely, articulation, and get together through demonstrations of common defiance. The Department of Justice has not uncovered how it is utilizing segment 802†¦ Moreover, Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act allows the FBI to look for records from book shops and libraries of books that an individual has bought or perused, or of their exercises on a library's computer.This change puts individuals in danger of practicing their free discourse rights to peruse, suggest, or examine a book, to compose an email, or to take an interest in a talk room, and along these lines could have the impact of chilling unavoidably secured discourse. It likewise denies book retailers and library work force the free discourse option to advise anybody, including a lawyer that the FBI has requested somebody's understanding rundown. † (BORDC, 2008) Since then the BORDC has reported a few situations where individual rights to free discourse have been damaged as an immediate aftereffect of this legislature.Many of these infringement have been activated by political action. For instance â€Å"In June 2004, Buffalo, New York, craftsman Steve Kurtz was kept by law authorization and had his home looked by FBI operators. In spite of finding just innocuous substances, which Kurtz utilizes in his politically spurred craftsmanship extends, the FBI continued with a Grand Jury hearing to conclude whether to arraign Kurtz under the USA PATRIOT Act’s natural specialists arrangemen t. On June 29th, Kurtz’s bio-fear based oppression related charges (USA PATRIOT Act segment 817) were dropped. † (BORDC, 2003)The previously mentioned case, alongside comparable errors have driven numerous individuals to accept that our privileges to free discourse, including and particularly the privilege to political articulation, have been restricted by lawmaking body, for example, and like the Patriot Act. Numerous anyway contend that such laws are important so as to ensure more prominent's benefit and help decline the odds for recharged assaults on the United States. Another case of constraint of political articulation includes an ongoing occurrence at the University of Berkeley in California.The City Council sent a letter to the United States Marines enrolling office expressing that their selection representatives were not welcome in the city or nearby. This was only a letter of articulation and it contained no dangers or some other recommendations of viciousness, fights, or exhibitions. As an end-result of this activity, which was viewed as hostile to enthusiastic by numerous government officials and residents, different weights were put upon the city. â€Å"Some administrators were taking steps to retain a large number of dollars of government and state subsidizing to the school as retaliation.They asserted that since U. S. Marines are bad enough for Berkeley, at that point nor were taxpayers’ dollars†¦ After accepting huge warmth, the authorities chose to perceive the officials’ option to be in Berkeley and explained their position saying they bolster US troops †just not the war and the enlistment of youngsters. (Slope, 2008) The issue that we face here is that a political perspective on a urban communities populace, as reflected in the committee letter, was abused through dangers of financing elimination.Even however the political view reflected in the letter isn't well known and unseemly, that was scarcely an ac tivity of free political discourse that was stifled by dangers. The way this occurred on a school grounds, which ought to encourage learning through open discussion, makes it particularly awful as it sends an explanation that everyone ought to be politically in accordance with the standard. â€Å"†¦in managing school grounds (as the developing reason for those of things to come) we ought to be all the more understanding when assumptions appear and give them space to flourish in the event that they wish.Suppression, for example, money related hardship, is no real way to manage a circumstance and definitely no real way to smother a contention. † (Hill, 2008). This opens the inquiry regarding why political articulation matters and what is so extraordinary about it? Political Expression and Democracy In request to comprehend the effect of free discourse on a fair society we need to examine the essentials of vote based system. â€Å"Freedom of discourse and articulation, par ticularly about political and other open issues, is the backbone of any democracy.Democratic governments don't control the substance of generally composed and verbal discourse. In this manner majority rule governments are normally loaded up with numerous voices communicating extraordinary or even opposite thoughts and conclusions. † (U. S. Branch of State, 2008) This announcement is an extremely successful outline regarding significance of free discourse. As a vote based government, our authority should lead is in course that we picked. This picking of heading is regularly done through political discussions as we see them on TV.â€Å"Democracy relies on an educated, learned populace whose entrance to data empowers it to partake as completely as conceivable in the open existence of their general public and to reprimand rash or overbearing government authorities or approaches. Residents and their electe

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Case Study of Market Segments For Kellogg Company

Question: Portray, and completely examine the market fragments for Kellogg Company? Answer: Presentation: Kellogg's was framed in the 1906 and became globes driving assembling of breakfast food business. The brand is well popular for its image of the grains. Kellogg's includes the principle showcase inside United States, Australia and Canada. Natural product Loops, corn pieces, Frosted Wheat and Corn Pops really are most acclaimed results of Kellogg's (Cahill, 2006). Conversation: Kellogg's Targeting and Positioning Focusing of the firm arrangements with choice of specific portions of the masses and later choosing one in any case two from them to at any rate oblige necessities of individuals that are having a place with such sections. The greatest qualities of the Kellogg's is that it has existed inside market for over hundred years and for this individuals perceive the organizations name. The firm has its own objective sections that are partitioned into classes and significant ones are as per the following: Segment In view old enough the firm sections the market and offers products to underneath referenced fragment Children Adults-Kelloggs Frosties are really focused to kids while its crunchy and nut cornflakes are focused to the grown-ups. Both the merchandise items which are showcased to the two unique arrangements of individuals and both have same needs and attributes just as needs (Kotler Armstrong, 2006). More established portion Kellogg's has additionally focused on a portion of its merchandise to more seasoned individuals by giving impression of extremely solid food not long before beginning day with the goal that they feel lively and sound. Kellogg includes a picture inside market of the solid nutritious results of food. Kellogg targets such fragment through its extraordinary division method. Psychographic Wellbeing cognizant open Kellogg's has kept up an appropriate picture of solid just as nutritious food creators in market and consequently its whole objective market even joins all the individuals that are especially wellbeing cognizant in addition to need to in any case keep up their wellbeing and weight in addition to shape. To ensure that this picture is appropriately kept up in advertise, Kellogg's has begun exhibiting its fixings just as healthy benefits upon their great are bundling (Lamb, Hair McDaniel, 2002). Conduct Utilization rate-The firm targets individuals that every now and again purchase the item. This is the explanation that the firm for its normal uses now and again sorts out numerous events and furthermore gives them many included advantages like limits and offers on the items and numerous things else. It conveys the husky brand picture in addition to higher brand mindfulness. Along these lines individuals discover the items effectively inside stores and this makes the organizations great extra effectively usable. Kellogg's Positioning Strategy Kellogg's in reality has situated the firm distinctively inside various countries all through the globe. In places where the firm has a solid offer in showcase or has been working for an extremely significant time-frame and has likewise situated itself like over the top expensive and sound food, this methodology is additionally followed in certain spots like United States. In spots, for example, India and Taiwan, where the firm is an absolutely new brand in addition to is inside period of pulling in individuals, it has additionally propelled itself upon moderately lesser costs yet has appropriately kept up nature of products at same standard (McDonald Dunbar, 2004). Kellogg's Marketing Strategy Kellogg's is by and by following a few advertising just as special techniques. Kellogg's can in future reach out just as broaden its assortment of merchandise through propelling novel flavors or modifying bundling style. The firm can possibly detain new markets that are yet left unexploited. Not many of such special plans are additionally talked about here: Free in Box Kellogg's Free in box offer includes the coupons for about $3 to $5 that is joined on stamped boxes for the products. Web Kellogg's additionally has a few web crusades directly that incorporates a legitimate round of the dashing vehicles setting up for kids inside which there likewise is life line for Kellogg's in addition to getting the Kellogg's crates improves purposes of player ('Sterling returns the try to please daylight breakfast at Kelloggs', 2001). Film Tickets Other offer substantial inside Kellogg's items really is simply to fill structure feasible at back of items, and mail it to gave P.O Box no in addition to get the free tickets for film. End Kellogg's in reality has been inside market for extra to somewhere in the range of hundred years. This is additionally difficult for a few different firms to take position of the Kellogg's inside market. In this way Kellogg's likewise makes the most of its appropriate position however it bargains just as takes care for all issues which may endanger position that it holds inside market (Weinstein, 2001). Starting at less hindrances novel participants are likewise entering the serious market as a risk to the firm. Increment inside utilities that later consequently are improving creation cost of Kellogg's. References Cahill, D. (2006). Way of life advertise division. New York: Haworth Press. Kotler, P., Armstrong, G. (2006). Standards of promoting. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson Prentice Hall. Sheep, C., Hair, J., McDaniel, C. (2002). Promoting. Cincinnati, Ohio: South-Western. McDonald, M., Dunbar, I. (2004). Market division. Amsterdam: Elsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann. Real returns the try to please daylight breakfast at Kelloggs. (2001). World Pumps, 2001(417), 18. doi:10.1016/s0262-1762(01)80244-3 Weinstein, A. (2001). Worldwide Consumer Segmentation. Diary Of Segmentation In Marketing, 4(2), 1-6. doi:10.1300/j142v04n02_01

Blog Archive Columbia Business School Essay Analysis, 20182019

Blog Archive Columbia Business School Essay Analysis, 2018â€"2019 *Please note: You are viewing an essay analysis from the 2018-2019 admissions cycle.  Click here  to view our collection of essay analyses for the current admissions season. Columbia Business School (CBS) has just released its essay questions for this year, and the Admissions Office is offering applicants “a little bit old and a little bit new.” Its micro essay (really just a goal statement, to be fair) and first essay remain unchanged, while its second essay is a repackaging of a prompt from two years ago, and its third is brand new. In the past, for its third essay, CBS applicants could choose from two prompt options, generally pertaining to their personal lives and passions; now, candidates must respond to a question about a team failure instead. In short, this year, applicants have less choice with their essays (though the word counts have not changed), and the topics involved skew slightly in favor of the professional and academic and away from the personal. Let us jump into our analysis Interested in learning how to tackle this year’s CBS application essays? Watch the short video below before you continue reading the full analysis! Goal: What is your immediate post-MBA professional goal? (50 characters) Twitter’s recently expanded character count from 140 to 280 looks positively luxurious next to CBS’s miserly 50 for this goal statementâ€"and that includes spaces! To get a sense of how brief your opportunity really is, note that the school’s prompt is itself exactly 50 characters. With such limited space, this can hardly be considered a true essay, but you will need to approach this with the same level of thought and focus as any of your other written responses for the school. During mbaMission’s recent QA with several admissions officers, CBS Assistant Dean of Admissions Amanda Carlson told our audience, That 50 characters really helps people to just break it down very simply for themselves and simply for us . . . . Pursuing business education, it’s a huge investment in time, in money, in effort, in energy, and I think this 50-character exercise is as much for the candidate as it is for our team, and we want to know that people are serious, they’re focused, and they’re ready for this kind of adventure. So, this prompt is a no-nonsense request for information that is all about getting to the point and telling the admissions committee what it needs to knowâ€"that you have a clear and achievable goal. In the past, the school has provided a few sample responses, including “Work in business development for a media company” and “Join a strategy consulting firm,” illustrating that conveying the requested information in such a tight space is definitely doable and that you do not need to worry too much about grammatical issues (in other words, you do not need to start your statement with “I want to” or something similar). We like to offer the statement “Reveal true goals, not what you think CBS wants” as both our own example of keeping things concise and our advice on how to approach and fulfill this request. Think about what you truly want to do with your career in the short term and state this aspiration directly. Keep in mind that the rest of your application will need to provide evidence that your stated goal aligns with your existing skills and profound interests, especially once they have been augmented by an MBA education. This will show that your professed goal is achievable and lend credibility to your statement. If you can do this in 50 characters (not words!), you will have done what you need to answer the school’s question quite well. Essay #1: Through your resume and recommendations, we have a clear sense of your professional path to date. What are your career goals over the next 3-5 years and what, in your imagination, would be your long term dream job? (500 words) CBS starts this essay question by more or less telling you not to recap your career to date, so we strongly recommend that you do so (and briefly, at that) only if context is absolutely needed for your stated goals to be understood and/or believableâ€"perhaps if you are making a fairly remarkable career change. Pay particular attention to the phrases “dream job” and “in your imagination” with respect to the long-term portion of the question. The school is prompting you to be creative and perhaps even to challenge or push yourself to think big. CBS wants individuals who do not just follow prescribed paths according to someone else’s blueprint but who are aspirational and more inclined to forge their own way. This is not to suggest that if you have a more traditional plan in mind that you are in trouble or at risk of losing the admissions committee’s attention, but you may need to take a little extra time to consider your ambitions from the perspective of “what if?” and delve more deeply into what you hope to achieve to find the more personal and inspiring elements of your goals. Showing creativity and individualism here can only be helpful. Although this is not a request for a textbook personal statement essay, your response will certainly involve some elements of the topics covered in such a submission, such as short- and long-term goals. The mbaMission Personal Statement Guide offers advice on brainstorming and crafting such essays along with multiple illustrative examples and so may be helpful in preparing your CBS response to this prompt. You can download your free copy here. CBS does not explicitly ask how its MBA program will factor into the achievement of your goals, but if you feel that particular resources the school offers could or will be uniquely influential and advantageous to you as you advance along your path, we believe you have sufficient room and leeway to mention these. However, generic claims or empty pandering have no place at all in this rather compact essay. Any CBS resources you reference must be specific to your needs, and the cause-and-effect relationship between these resources and your anticipated success must be very clear. For example, an applicant might discuss the appeal and instrumentality of CBS’s Value Investing Program and 5x5x5 Student Portfolio Fund in his or her aspirations to one day break into the asset management world or later launch a hedge fund. We do not recommend going so far as to dedicate an entire paragraph to discussing school resources, but you might consider thoughtfully embedding a relevant reference or two into your submission to acknowledge the program’s role in achieving your stated career intentions. Or should we say dreams? Essay #2: How will you take advantage of being “at the very center of business”? Please watch this short video featuring Dean Glenn Hubbard (250 Words) We start our recommendation for approaching this prompt with a perhaps unorthodox suggestion: write down why you want to be at the center of business before you watch Dean Hubbard’s video. Why? Because after seeing Dean Hubbard passionately extol the virtues of the CBS program and New York City, you may inadvertently parrot his reasons right back at the school, rather identifying your own. This is not to say that you cannot have any overlap with the dean, but you should not feel obliged to echo his rationale or simply do so unconsciously. And if you legitimately do have similar themes, certainly make them your own by framing or presenting them in a different way. For example, Dean Hubbard proudly notes, “Many of our students take the opportunity to intern during the school year”; if that opportunity is appealing to you, go beyond just mentioning that you would want to complete such an internship and actually identify a target firm, a role, skills you want to develop, and how this would all contribute to your experience as a CBS student. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to attend CBS, keep in mind that in an environment that prides itself on fusing “theory and practice,” the key is not to consider what the program itself offers but to focus on how your overall experience will be enhanced by the school’s proximity to practical opportunities. To effectively answer this question, many applicants will need to conduct some significant research about CBS and the program’s relationship with New York City. You must create and present a plan of action, rather than simply cheerlead for the school or the city. Strive to create a narrative that explains where and how you will grow through the opportunities available there and benefit from the immersive experience. Essay #3: Please provide an example of a team failure of which you have been a part.  If given a second chance, what would you do differently? (250 Words) No excuses. No shifting blame. The key here is ownership. You must discuss a team failureâ€"one in which you were responsible for all or part of a process that led to an undesirable outcome. If you present a scenario in which others were the determinants of the ultimate failure (and you, by contrast, were perfect!), the admissions committee will deduce that you are not a reflective (or worse, honest) person and that you will therefore be unable to improve your approach to problem solving as a student in the CBS program. Clearly, the admissions committee would not want to select such a person for a position in the next incoming class. We are not saying that you need to have been the sole cause of a catastrophe for the admissions committee to accept your story, but you do need to show that you recognize how you could have better affected the team’s outcome. Maybe you failed to speak up at a crucial moment or to monitor another’s poor decisions, for example. You would not have been the direct or singular cause in such a case, but you would have still played a significant role and could have learned from the experience. Although you have only 250 words for this essay, you must still present a complete narrative that shows momentum toward a positive outcome, presents the inflection point at which the situation turned, and explains how the original plan ultimately failed, all the while revealing your particular role in the failure. A mistake that many candidates make is discussing a failure and then revealing their involvement at the end of the essay, unrelated to the context of the story. Your takeaway from the experienceâ€"essentially what you would do differently if given a second chanceâ€"needs to be clearly supported by the depiction of the problems in your story. In discussing how you would have changed or improved the outcome, you are effectively explaining how you would have changed or improved the process, of course. And to achieve this, you cannot simply include a few basic statements like “I would create greater transparency in this process if given another chance” but must show that yo u have seriously reflected on the experience and would now have a better plan, both tactically and personally, for achieving success.   Optional Essay:  Is there any further information that you wish to provide the Admissions Committee?  If so, use this space to provide an explanation of any areas of concern in your academic record or your personal history.  This does not need to be a formal essay. You may submit bullet points. (Maximum 500 Words) This optional essay question starts out sounding like an open invitation to discuss almost anything you feel like sharing with the admissions committee, but the second line (which was not part of the prompt last season) dials things in and puts the spotlight on addressing problem areas specifically. The additional directive about bullet points seems to be a not-too-veiled implication that the school wants you to focus on imparting key information rather than offering a detailed and long-winded explanation of the issue in question. Without a doubt, this is not an opportunity to share another cool story or otherwise try to impress or pander to the admissions committee. If you do not truly need to explain an issue or potentially confusing element of your candidacy (a poor grade or overall GPA, a low GMAT score, a gap in your work experience, etc.), we do not recommend that you submit an option essay; if you do have issues to clarify, keep things concise. In our mbaMission Optional Essay s Guide, we offer detailed advice on when and how to take advantage of the optional essay, with multiple examples, to help you mitigate any problem areas in your profile. Columbia Business School receives more than 5,000 applications each year. 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