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Response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 7

Response - Essay ExampleHowever, a society can be racist even if only a very small bout (or even none) of its members h ageing racist beliefs.Racism in a society gets often influenced by ignorance, legal system, family settings, economic scramble, among some other factors. When a society where by a small number of its members bes, in that location stands a danger of infection of the small congregation to infect the larger non racist group. The racist group of people may also bring up their children under the racism grounds hence transmittal the well-disposed problem to their generations to come. If the racist group practices racism against their no racist counterparts, they may come or stimulate counter racism in return. This may worsen or amplify the racism point in the society (Shah).On the other hand, in a situation where no racist individuals exist in a society (which many scholars believe is hard), virgin emergences may arise due to mingled reasons. The first and the most obvious are the emergence of new racist members in the society. In his article, Shar argues that social settings are dynamic and liable to continuous change forever (Shah). These changes get influenced by the arrival of new members as one of the factors. The devastating thing is that this ethical society cannot stop people from coming to their society. brotherly grouping of one or particular group without considering racial participation equality may induce racism. Starting up a social group of a particular race may not even start up racism believes among them toward other races, but also induce the same believes among the other group that stands not included in this racial group (Shah). Therefore, a careful consideration should be taken when making social groups, institutions and employment to make sure that racial equality stands fair. Some government activity policies may also be effective in curbing racism while others promote it. The old Immigration Law in the US and apar theid system in South Africa, have promoted

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Patient satisfaction of Health Care service quality in Saudi Arabia Research Proposal - 1

Patient satisfaction of wellness Care help quality in Saudi Arabia - Research Proposal ExampleThe study that uses the recipients of the health boot run as its respondents will also exhibit the cultural diversity in the country to train the sample is a representative of the universal Saudi Arabian population. Questionnaires will be the key tool for data collection and the obtained data will eventually be analyzed for the purposes and reflected upon in regard to publication under study. Conclusions and inferences will be made based on the accrued information for the purpose of recommending the suitable healthcare approaches for improving the service quality.Patient satisfaction refers to the feelings of an individual in form of pleasure or disappointment as a result of comparing the perceived performance outcome of healthcare services in relation to the expectations of the individual. In this case, on that pointfore, a performance that is way below the expectations of the patie nt results in dissatisfaction, whereas the service whose perceived quality is within the patients expectations results in satisfaction and delight (Nguyen Thi, Briancon, Empereur and Guillemin, 2002). In the late(a) days, the healthcare service providers have had to awaken to the challenges, quality, competition, and the marketing realities posed by the consumers of their services. In line with these changes, there has been the emergence of an equally important and related issue, which is the relationship between the care provider and the patient concerning the general evaluation of the quality of health care service (Andaleeb, 2001). There is a marked level of defeat among the patients, especially with the recent commercialization of the health care services, weakened relationship between the client and care provider, and the proliferation and bureaucratization of the health care system (Pakdil& Harwood, 2005). In order to realize patient satisfaction in the

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Capital Punishment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Capital Punishment - Research Paper precedentUnited States of America, however refused to give in to the widely accepted trend of abolition of capital punishment and still continues to practice the act. According to a text quoted in Michelangelo and Mary E. Days Death punishment USA 2000-2002, capital punishment is said to serve two significant purposes in the USA retribution and deterrence of capital crimes by prospective offenders ( 1). United States of America now finds itself world pushed into a edict made up of members countries that it never even imagined before to be linked to for example China and congo (Steiker 1). There are many another(prenominal) reasons for capital punishment to be still a viable weft in commonwealths other than just America. Before we go into a discussion of the reasons that view as it, one should come that capital punishment is served for a list of capital offences only. In order to make sure that the justness isnt loosely administered toug h punishments need to exist. Those prospective offenders who have not yet committed a crime and posses a balanced psychological health will retract their steps towards the offence by the examples of capital punishment. Countries do realize at a time that capital punishment is necessary for current special situations and therefore allow it in those special circumstances. President of United States of America, Richard Nixon is known to believe that offenders who affect themselves in crimes such as human race/drug trafficking and/or theft are rational human beings who violate the laws intentionally. Thus they should be dealt with an iron hand and stringent policies that have no room for emotions (Tatalovich, Daynes, & Lowi 70). asunder from rational capital offenders, the reason why capital punishment is still an accepted and supported phenomena in United States of America is the countrys homicide rate which is much higher than the states that have abolished the act. Stated in Caro l S. Steikers paper on Capital Punishment and American Exceptionalism, it was observed in the 1960s and 1970s that the homicide rates peaked when Americas stance on capital punishment had initiative began to diverge from its original path (5-8). This proves that in a country like United States of America, death penalty needs to remain as an operative word because it is what keeps the offenders in check and the homicide rate low. One of the just about significant reasons stated by the supporters of capital punishment be it a certain percentage of the population, indemnity makers or the politicians is that it deters crimes such as murders (Lambert, Clarke & Lambert 6).Murder is a capital crime and a strict activity towards the murderer is necessary in order to create an example for potential murderers. Also the fact that it saves state a lot of taxpayers money, plays an important role in death penalty still being carried out in USA. Capital punishment is opposed on the basis of hu man rights as many claim that it violates the basic element of human right that each and every person has over his/her life. even so they forget to take under consideration the rights violated of the human just murdered by the criminal. requital is what capital punishment supports because it is an appropriate reaction to the cruel crimes committed (Lambert, Clarke & Lambert 6). Majority of the population support capital punishme

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Survey of Human Resource Management ip5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Survey of piece Resource Management ip5 - Essay ExampleSelected employees essential be highly qualified for the position they acquire. It is achievable through following the right recruitment procedures. Eventually, other tests such as drug and integrity tests whitethorn be of important. However, they argon not very necessary.My company must be willing to adhere to the levelheaded statues which happen upon the hiring and selection of employees. Many of these legal statues are outlined in the Labor Departments. Employees in the strategized new office must receive fair leases. Due to this, my company has set a fair wage for all employees according to their position in the new office. Further, they are entitled to an overtime pay one time the working hours are extended. Child labor is prohibited completely in the work place too. Employees are entitled to compensation incase danger attacks them in the line of duty. Dangers include falling ill or getting hurt in the line of duty. Employees are entitled to medical care and compensation during these cases. Employees must always be guaranteed of security while working. The office must be strategized in a invulnerable place where employees are comfortable and secure.The legal statues also are against discriminatory selection and hiring procedures. The discrimination may be based on race, tribe, color origin, sex or even religion ((Bendick, M., & Nunes, 2012). Disabled volume should also not be discriminated especially in the selection process if they qualify for the post. The statues also foster the rights and the privacy of employees. Employees to be selected also have the right to form unions which would be used in the security measures of their rights and in the airing of their grievances. Glory Parcel Service keep company ensures that it is comfortable with all the legal statues that would affect the selection process. I, as the Chief Human Resource Officer of Glory Parcel Service Company ensure that t he company is aware and abides

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The Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Law - Essay ExampleWhen Arthur is discharged from hospital he discovers that the landlord of his flat, which he was occupying in the first place the accident, has let the flat to another tenant. Arthur applies to the Local Authority for alternative accommodation entirely is told that he fails to come within the statutory definition of homlessness.In the above there are several(prenominal) issues that need to be discussed on order to be able to discuss the legal actions that might will from the scenario. The issues that require examination are unsporting dismissal with regard to the dismissal from work and dangerous campaign on the part of Barry. With regard to the injuries of Arthur caused in the accident there needs to be a news on the chain of causation to determine whether Barry should be held liable for the suffering caused or whether Arthur has a margin call against the doctor for the negligent treatment. In respect of the flat there needs to be a countersign on brea ch of contract and unlawful eviction as the landlord has let the flat to someone else in breach of the tenancy agreement. In respect of the homelessness there needs to be an examination of the Housing moment 1996 to determine why Arthur is not regarded as legally homeless.Unfair dismissal as is suggested is when an employer dismisses an employee without good reason. In some instances unfair dismissal can be regarded as automatically unfair. This might be the persona in situations where the employer has not followed a proper dismissal procedure before dismissing the employee1. In some claims for unfair dismissal the employee has to have worked for the employer for at least a course of study whereas in other case the year rule does not apply.In recent times the law has been changed by placing statutory requirements on the employer before the employee can be dismissed. Previous legislation used to regard the employee more as a servant to the employer than a contributing member of t he workforce2. Section 94 of the Employment Rights Act

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American Association of Advertising Agencies Essay

Ameri butt Association of Advertising Agencies - Essay ExamplePrimarily, the concept of Integrated Marketing communications (IMC) blends the promotional tools of marketing so that they are able to perform in harmony with each other. procession is one of the Ps in marketing mix and the tools when blended together, work optimally rather than in isolation. The integration is further augmented, beyond just communication when other levels of integration e.g. Data integration, internal and immaterial integration and upright piano and Horizontal Integration is achieved. Horizontal Integration means that all the business functions of an make-up are working in harmony with each other. For example, distribution, production, sales and finance departments should be conscious of the messages they throw in to the clients and must work in cohesion to achieve objectives of the business. Whereas, distinguishable departments like advertising and sales stinkpot fuse by means of data integrati on through marketing information system. On the other hand, Vertical Integration refers to the fact that communication and marketing aims must augment the higher formational aims and objectives. Internal and outer Integration are also very important components of Integrated Marketing Concept. Internal Integrations requires that all the employees of an placement are kept informed regarding strategic and tactical changes being implemented in the company. Moreover, they must be kept involved in the new developments from which the organization is undergoing, the new standards being set by the precaution and strategic partnership being envisaged. On the other hand, External Integration refers to a scheme in which all the external partners and stakeholders of the organization e.g. Public Relation agencies and Advertising blend seamlessly to provide a feasible solution to the problems of the company. A lot of effort is required for Integrated Marketing Communications to deliver its i n demand(p) benefits however, it can create a competitive advantage for the company compared to an organization which uses traditional techniques for promotion and advertising. with Integrated Marketing Communication, a company is able to develop a meaningful relationship with its customers through helping them through various stages of acquire process. Thus, through Integrated Marketing Communication, an organization is able to keep on its customers for life which gives it an edge over other companies. The organizations which utilize IMC concept are much more apt(predicate) to yield profitability than the organizations which use traditional methods of communication. In fact, a unified message delivered by an organization is much more effective than a host of disjointed messages. A crystal clear and unify message is well received among the potential customers than myriad of commercials messages delivered every day. Integrated Marketing Communication can boosts sales of a company by disseminating a message which helps increase customers awareness and eases their choices. Companys strategy to deliver timely information and special offers at the right time assists the customers in purchasing process. Finally, Integrated Marketing saves a lot of expenditure for the organizations as it reduces the need of duplication. Photography and graphics can be shared by various departments e.g. sales and advertising. This also reduces the time and workload on different section of the company as a single agency is responsible for all the communication needs. Ans4. An businesslike channel of communication has to be selected by the communicator in order to get the desired results. In marketing practices, usually two types of communication channels are employed personal and non-personal. Personal communication cha

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Drawing on examples of ethnographic studies, critically evaluate the Essay

Drawing on examples of ethnographic studies, critically evaluate the main strengths and limitations of this inquiry rule - Essay ExampleThe deployment of ethnography as a method to capture the realm of culture enables the police detective to dissect even the most subtle meanings associated with actions and interactions that often take note within that respective realm. It focuses on note of specific actions and interactions within specific and natural settings sooner relying solely on data put in through different external methods (Tuckman 1999). It helps to realise sense of the deeper meanings that are motivated both from historical and governmental corner points and which rule the ruse in the daily lives. It also enables the tec to simultaneously participate in the daily lives as well as to keep distance from the same in order to make sense of the subjective meanings attached to the actions by the subjects (Geertz 1995). In this paper I shall attempt to provide a critical o verview of ethnographic research with regard to the possibilities it offer in social research. I have basically attempted to club the merits, demerits and instances of ethnographic research in singular edifice in the score of this paper. then I have attempted to draw from specific works in order to understand the relevancy of the advantages and disadvantages and how the latter are overcome and through what additional methods. Being inductive in nature than deductive ethnographic research is more flexible and reserves sufficient room to incorporate elements that are troublesome to manage and control and that emerge, even spontaneously, during the dividing line of the study. The most significant use of making ethnographic summary is that it helps the researcher to closely observe and understand the internal dynamics of the local daily lives in the ethnic locale being studied. The use of observation and interviews in ethnography helps the researcher to stick to the natural setti ngs (Wilson 1977). The opportunities for the researcher to observe the behaviour and human relations, actions and interactions within their usual environment helps the researcher to contextualize her research (Brewer 2004 154) it also plays a crucial role in the very process of laying foundation for the particular research. Gay and Airasian, during the course of their study about educational research generally in the European context, observes that in ethnographic research, as opposed to other forms of social researches, hypothesis is formed after the initial phase of field visits, observation and so on (25). This is a very crucial factor since it keeps the researcher away from any form of preoccupations about the research as such and the research questions and widens the scope of the project. In addition to the above this contextual specificity saves the researcher a great deal from generalizing the outcomes of the specific research. According to Pawson (1999), as a result of the unalterable interaction with subjects in their usual settings, there are constant and unexpected twists and turns in the ethnographic research which prevent it from becoming a neat series of sequential stages (32). Thus ethnography could better be understood as incorporating great amounts of flexibility incorporating a multiple series of actions in a rather flexible manner (Ibid 33). While this remains so the question of research design occupies an important place in this research framework and ordering the research in a systematic

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The Policies of Alexander Hamilton and Andrew Jackson Essay

The Policies of horse parsley Hamilton and Andrew capital of Mississippi - Essay ExampleHe also has a high cipher towards the upper-class and educated men as the fittest to become the countrys leaders. Opposing the political views of Hamilton is capital of Mississippis democratic-republicanism. He stressed out the ordinary peoples right to vote and the jump president to represent totally Americans, regardless of their social standing (The Presidency). He is known to be Hamiltons critic who contradicts federalism ideals. He regarded Hamiltons views as elitist and idealistic. Relationship to Modern America Today, the American federal official establishment is a combination of two political views. It takes Hamiltons view on the independence of organization branches and capital of Mississippis idealism on suffrage. States also are given freedom provided that they also personify the national law. In other words, todays politics resemble both political views. First, the elitist loca ting of Hamilton is still surviving, although discouraged by modern thought. Many of the politicians today are with high educational punctuate and came from influential families. Second, Jeffersons state independence is practiced. State leaders are given the freedom to fiat existing laws or to make laws not found with the rest of the states (e.g. legal drinking age). Economic Views By the end of the American Revolution, the country has to face a tremendous economic problem. There is an estimated $54 gazillion debt of the United States while it only has barely half of the amount as their asset ( black lovage Hamiltons). Clearly, there is a huge deficit in the countrys economic budget. To address this problem, Alexander Hamilton was given the task to regulate all forms of economic activities until it stabilizes. As young as he was at that time, he regarded taxation and debt management as a two-way street to economic stability. He proposed that all states should be imposed by approp riate taxes for debt payment. Although states that are already debt-free at that time resisted against this proposal, it is still pursue and became successful. The next move by Hamilton was to establish the Bank of the United States as modeled from the Bank of England (Alexander Hamiltons) to take care of the collected taxes. While concerned with the nations debt payment, unlike Hamilton, Jackson disagrees with imposing taxes on states and became an advocate of the Laissez-Faire economy. This means to say that states are free to make international economic relations and other local economic activities without the imposition of taxes or the intervention of the national government (Ambrose and Martin 33). Despite the success of Hamiltons implementation of taxes and debt management, Jackson believes that an economy is better off without the presence of both. Since his younger years, Jackson hated debt in general, more so with national debt (Smith).

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Paper 1 about Chinese media industry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Paper 1 some Chinese media industry - Essay ExampleAs markets in westward and Eastern economies opened up, assorted countries in Asia, including Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong took advantage of expanding export markets to strengthen their economies. It was in this context that the Chinese state to a lower place Deng Xiaoping decided to institute market reforms, specifically to make their socialist policies more competitive in an more and more spheric economy (Harvey, 2005).Neo-liberal influences were mostly driven by economic stagnation and unemployment in Western countries, which necessitated a new system that diverged from the state interventionist policies introduced under the American New Deal of the 1930s. Under the neo-liberal theories that came to dominate global economics thinking in the 70s and 80s, state intervention in markets was greatly discouraged with the expectations that self-regulating markets were the opera hat way to tackle economic stagnatio n (Selden, 1993). It was within this context of a neo-liberal revolution in Western economies that Chinese market and media reforms began. Increasingly, chinawares integration with the global economy, which was based on neo-liberal theories, supported by free market Western economies, necessitated reforms in the allocation market economy supported by China under the previous Mao regime. When China finally opened up its markets to the global economy, there was a dramatic inflow of FDI and the state began to openly support moves towards market freedom (Selden, 1993).This meant that China started to experience standardized effects to its economy as the neo-liberalized global economy, which increased the capitalization of Chinas elites in equality to its ordinary citizens (Zhao, 1998). The historical context within which media and market reforms took place in China mainly had to do with the Communism vs. Capitalism debate, which characterized relations between Western economies and Ea stern economies. Media reforms also took place within this

The Ford Motor Company Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

The hybridization Motor Company - Term Paper ExampleThis has pebibyte to $153 billion in taxs and a grocery store value of $ 73 billion (Hochman 90-7). However, due to the economic crisis, the follow has seen its revenues and commercialize value slumber in the recent past (Hochman 90-7).As one of the leading railcar producers, Ford Motor Company competes in the oligopoly market (Hochman 90-7). Its main competitors include Honda, Toyota, Kia, Subaru, and many other companies. The market entry in the automobile perseverance is free to every interested party however, due to enormous initial capital investment requirements needed only a few firms are players in this industry. When Ford Company started with the Model T, they were enjoying the monopoly power as they were the only producers. But this has changed since many firms have also ventured into the industry (Hochman 90-7).A market-centered company is a company that identifies the needs and the wants of its customers and tai lors all its straines towards those needs and wants (Hochman 90-7). The customers have enough intimacy about the products and the market and are willing to be persuaded. The company offers mass customization and utilizes the importance of 4 Ps in its marketing.Ford as a company had experienced both the good and bad business experience. From one of the leading automobile companies accounting for 25 percent of all cars and trucks to drop in revenue and market dispense to $146 and 14 percent respectively (Hochman 90-7). It may have attributed to the financial crisis that had befallen the entire go industry hence reducing the sales. However, Ford did not explain its drop in market share or magnitude of its losses compared to the rest of the companies in the industries. Fords company operations were characterized by excessive costs, it had lost touch with its main customers needs and finally, his innovation was not up to date (Hochman 90-7). afterwards the arrival of Mulally, the com pany started to improve their innovativeness, reducing the costs, and axing some of the un-performing brands. Mulally was convinced that competition in all market segments was the way to go and this policy was adopted.

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The Concept Of Property In The Philosophy Of The Enlightenment Essay

The Concept Of Property In The Philosophy Of The Enlightenment - Essay ExampleJohn Locke is considered oneness of the precursors of American democracy, and his policy-making concept is based predominantly upon social sign theory and inherent rights of tender beings. He believed that the state should have legislative and executive power, as well as the right to square up whether to start military actions or not (the right for war and peace). However, it is very important that he refused to pass on the state with the right to handle citizenrys lives and property according to J. Locke, these two were the natural rights of people, and they could moreover be restricted if the security of other citizens was endangered. In Lockes ideal state, therefore, the government could not precede property from people, nor could it even collect different kinds of payments without previous agreement of the majority of people (or their representatives) to pay this money. public lecture of freed om as the natural condition for all the citizens of his ideal state, John Locke stated that the main natural right of people (the right of property) should necessarily be secured using legal regulations, so that no conflicts arise. Locke believed that the political society is formed by means of concluding a social contract, and as a result the government is formed which has to be responsible to peopleThe natural liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on earth, and not to be under the will or legislative authority of man, but to have only the law of nature for his rule. The liberty of man, in society, is to be under no other legislative power, but that established, by consent, in the commonwealth nor under the formula of any will, or restraint of any law, but what that legislative shall enact, according to the trust put in it. (Chapter IV (Of Liberty), Section 22)All in all, John Lockes idea of state was concluding this social contract that would restrict the freedom o f people to a certain extent, but the right of property was viewed by him as the right that can by no means be violated. J. Locke believed that the reason why some people have more property than others is because though all children are born equal, in the process of developing some of them get more knowledge and prove to have better abilities, and therefore the result of this effort (property) should not be alienated from its owner.it is very easy to conceive, without any difficulty, how labour could at first startle a title of property in the common things of nature, and how the spending it upon our uses bounded it. So that there could then be no reason of quarrelling about title, nor any doubt about the largeness of possession it gave. discipline and conveniency

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Business plan Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Business plan - Case Study ExampleOur products produce at balance consumers blood sugar levels by controlling their sugar intake at our Locarb foods. Their bodies take longer to retard down these foods controlling their blood sugars than when they consume GI foods.Low levels of GI foods control seizers in epileptic patients. Our products aim at delivering the food that is of high quality to control the rates of epilepsy in our customers. Our store result also avail portion sizes, which they require in their meals because it is the main component in reducing seizures.Our products aim at assisting our customers who are obese. Our products take era before being digested taking a longer time in the stomach than GI foods. Our customers bequeath feel full for longer reducing their food intake and helping them monitor their diet. Diets that are low carbohydrates help control appetite, increasing the rate fat is woolly-headed due to the body entering ketosis making the body rely on f at as fuel.Locarb foods do not have competition therefore we are flexible in setting our hurt range that will enable us maximize on profits. For example the low glycemic snack deflect is found and in our store. The normal snack bar is found in many outlets much(prenominal) as Wal-Mart, Shopper drug mart, and Loblaws. A customer who needs low glycemic snack bar will only come to our stores.Face to face relationship between our customers and us is crucial in the success of our business. Our selling strategy will focus on improving our social networks with our customers and suppliers. Our market is quite informed on environmental issues and different food issues. Many of our targeted market are already into our information, social and professional networks and this will improve on efficient communication. Our main strategy is to supply our customers with healthy food products and be seen as community initiative. Our secondary strategy will include branding activities where we will improve on our branding, packaging,

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Online college education vs traditional Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Online college learning vs traditional - Essay ExampleThe meshing revolution has in like manner affected the educational sector. There are many sites which offer online courses especially at the college level and higher. It would be rare to find a university in the U.S. that has no internet connection and reasonable technology infrastructure. However, the drop of the internet in classroom teaching is not as widespread as the use of the internet for information, entertainment, communication, and research (Scagnoli, 2005). With the internet the barriers of time and space have been ended. Online education is internet enabled technology driven education that allows you to study anytime, anywhere, as per your convenience. Online education is one of the ways of imparting effective education to the aspiring people, residing anywhere in the world. This has helped people to pursue and advance their learning process, without messing up with their professional responsibilities and duties. Online learning helps to increase the educational experiences irrespective of age and geographical diversity. The World Wide Web empowers the University to deliver training and critical information to its wide spread student base no matter where and what time zone the users are in. The students undecomposed access their training materials or start studying whenever they want from home or from office. Online education gives the students the tractability to go through the programme content at the time that is most convenient to them and thereby get an appropriate balance of work, family, community and educational commitments.

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Envs 1000 research essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Envs 1000 research - Essay ExampleThe field of spring uping accommodates many forgeers as compargond with most other industries. In addition, floriculture helps in boosting internationalistic trade by dint of imports and exports. Therefore, without productive agriculture, people and society as a whole would not be privileged to make out the same quality of life. This paper presents a discussion on the role of agriculture in Canada and its manageable environmental implications, and it covers feed, food production and loss of biodiversity. factory farm plays a genuinely significant role in society by meliorate life quality and in the production of marketable commodities for food, fuel, fiber among others (Holland, 2012). rural activities facilitate the production of individuals basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing thereby improving the living standards and quality of life. Primarily, agriculture provides people with food from either crops or animals and agricultu ral food atomic number 18 full of nutrients and nourishes individuals bodies. Agriculture provides the basis of subsistence by ensuring adequate production of food and safety (Holland, 2012). Food is very essential for individuals to survive therefore, agricultural intervention is necessary to ensure that there is adequate food supply. Agriculture assures food security to the people and individuals work hard to increase agricultural productivity and secure rich food. Animal products such as milk, meat, or even eggs serve as a food source and are consumed by people. Similarly, plant products such as cabbages and other vegetable are as well as other food sources produced though agriculture. All food produced in Canada guaranteed high quality of production, environment as well as welfare standards. Secondly, agriculture provides us with fiber, cotton, flax among others and all these are necessary materials needed to require natural cloth. Additionally, agriculture offers different job opportunities for many Canadians considering that some people prefer working on the farms while others engage in agricultural based activities. According to studies, agriculture has been stated to be the main(prenominal) source of income to many people in Canada especially in the rural areas. More so, agricultural industries are one of the industries that employ many people hence, agriculture is a major contributor of Canadians wealth (Britton, 1996). Mostly in rural areas, the main activity that people engage in is agriculture and they depend on various agricultural activities in order to earn a living. The increasing farm size and productivity have led to larger labor productivity gains in agriculture. Approximately 340,000 Canadians work on agricultural production sites (IICA-Canada, 2005) thus, agriculture is their occupation and so they dedicate their time to it and focus on how to increase agricultural products. In addition, one of the objectives of agriculture is to era dicate poverty in the society and this is affirmable through job creations especially working on the farms. However, working on the farms can sometimes be very demanding because it requires energy in that, those working on agricultural farms should be physically energetic and this leaves those who are physically weak disadvantaged. Moreover, agriculture plays a leading role in promoting both regional and international trade thereby boosting the country

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Audustine's Confessions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Audustines Confessions - Essay prototypeThe traditional understanding of free-will asserts that Adam and even were innate(p) of Godly nature, but because of illicit impulses or voraciousness were torn away from this goodness and thrown into sin. The resultant occurrence is that all of humanity is whence born into sin and requires Gods grace for their freedom. Furthermore, Augustine makes the point that original sin is not only corporal in wayward reason and impulses, but in the very physicality of man. This is, after Adam and Eve committed their act of original sin they had to wear clothing, because their actual pure physicality was an extension of the sin. This archetype indicates that man is a physical extension of the depravity of existence. That even as depraved reasoning is an essential characteristic of humanity leading them towards sin, and even as Augustine allows for the concept of the freedom of the will, man is ultimately cursedly because his physicality is even embe dded as a sinful act. This essay considers Augustines concept of original sin, parameter that his philosophical construct is misguided as it gives too much credence to deterministic thinking, ignores that wrongdoing is oftentimes the result of external circumstances, and doesnt acknowledge the amount of altruism that exists in the world.If all actions are predestined, as Augustine believes they are, then the idea of free will seems impossible, and ascribing responsibility to persons who cannot make their own choices seems wrong. However, to some extent it seems that Augustines ism demonstrates a hard to define confluence between pre-destination and free-will that have led some scholars to argue that in that respect are actually two different Augustinian philosophies, themselves mutually contradictory (Rist 1972). Adequate research into Augustine demonstrates that these concepts are not necessarily mutually exclusive, as Augustines understanding reveals subtle characterizations t hat bind their philosophic elements in loan-blend

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An Analysis of an Article in the Big Issue called Sun Vampires Essay Example for Free

An synopsis of an Article in the bigger Issue c in alled Sun Vampires EssayThe Big Issue is published to tending the homeless, seeking to raise money for people who ar in this situation. The Big Issue is only sell by vendors, homeless themselves, on the streets of all our major cities and t knowledges. The target group for sales is seen to those who big businessman be sympathetic to the dilemma of the homeless, to those who ar fortunate themselves to consume homes and jobs, who take an interest in society as a unharmed rather than just themselves as individuals, who are also aware of the current issues. The shooters are to be relatively prosperous, also young rather than middle-aged. The young readers have most probably perceive of the Bros (a teen pop duo of the late 80s) and also Peter Andre (popular at the time of publication, but scarcely an enduring household name). The reader might be in the position of being able to overlook 399 a year on a suntanning course. The reader is more likely to respond to the style of create verbally that uses current colloquial or jargon expressions And lets face it, one hell of a habit and classify out than a style that they regard as being posh and old-fashioned. The message is though a horrific one but by using the oecumenicly speaking, light-hearted tone. Then there is no disturbance in frightening the reader, but if the your to frighten the everyday reader and the reader were to associate this emotion with The Big Issue. For then the reader might never but another a copy again, therefore defeating the whole purpose of what is published for.The writer exclaims to the reader that sunbeds are dangerous and those who uses them are stupid and vain. The suppliers of the habit are abusive.The message is serious but the tone is generally light-hearted. The mood does change though, the evidence supplied by Jane Horwood is unwelcoming, and that provided by a medical expert is inflexible. The purpose of a head line is to attract the attention of a casual browser. Here the writer uses paradox. The reader is attracted firstly by the use of the word vampires, because our enjoyment of horror stories. The imagination of the vampires being associated with sun, which is means death to them. The reader ploughs eye-catchingly incongruous curiosity is aro utilise so the reader wants to read on. Desperate for a sun fix straight away finds us think of a do drugs addiction, the gravity which is reinforced by the sinister deductions of coffins, both images are very different but are powerful images. Then by a newly-coined image, tanorexics, this is a pun. even a pun is usually used humorously, as a joke, which associates two images.In this case this pun might make the reader have mixed emotions. By using the really amusing though, to associate what is usually regarded as a fun with the desperately psychological problem of anorexia. The illustration is made to seen very unprofessional, but it does catch the browsers attention. The simultaneous associations with the coffins and cooked warmheartedness work. The writer forces the readers to place themselves in the situation, by using the repletion of you and youre. The article seeks to mock the sunbed. The opening uses lightheaded pictures plastic cocoon, weird blue light. The idea of the users being profoundly stupid, by mad suggestions. Have you been abducted by aliens for experimental tests? In the second paragraph the tone is unbreakable by another equally comical picture. Walking raisins implying that the sun has similar effects on human skin as it has on grapes. The writer soon does become rather serous, after making sure that our interests has been attracted by other means. Suddenly suntanning become dangerous. Most people are aware of the dangers of smoking, so the bluntness of Its like smoking hits hard. The scenario of losing an infant as a result of suntanning is distressing. in that respect are no jokes in this s ection. Religiously and Confesses which underlines the importance of the issue for the writer. We all know the adverts on television in which scientists in white coats are used to impress upon us the wonderful properties of toothpastes or headache cures. We naturally believe what we are told by experts. So Doctor Bishop is brought into the financial statement and a consultant dermatologist. We do not comprehend the jargon doctors use, but we always impressed by their specific language. We may not know what a UVB or UVA rays are and what they do not us.However most of us are inclined to believe what those who do know tell us close to them. It is interesting that the writer is afraid peradventure of loosing their audience by using too many expressions that the general public do not understand, but the writer does give us some laymans explanation, as in the case of collagen and of elastin. Industries are commercial enterprises by mean of which people make money. We tend to see them in a big scale like the music industry. Where the profit motive is of the smallest significance, arent referred to as industries. The obvious implication of describing sun-tanning as industry is that its practitioners are only interested in profiting from their clients gullibility. Earlier we asked to feel sympathetic towards Jane Horwood worthless and were asked to understand that for her taking that wise decision, to end her habit. On the other hand Victoria Williams seems childish and stingy I wanted that heat and warmth on my body. In the final paragraph the writer completely ridicules the ideas of suntanning.Who says tanning isnt trendy? is, perhaps, another dig aimed at the people of the media, especially those who are advertising the industry. faithful implies that those who carry on suntanning are aware of the dangers. It seemed his rugged outdoor tan was indoor variety incriminate the ex political leader of using sunbeds to give a false impression of his life to the pu blic. It make you look wealthier, like you can afford regular holidays seems false and unfashionably materialistic set against own background. Essex Man is a term of abuse- it reminds us of sub-human species associated with a particular 1980s stereotype, the selfish individual concern only with himself and what he can get his hands on.This is a very cleverly written piece, in which the writer has matched their tone to their readership without compromising the sincerity and, ultimately, the intensity of their feeling. This however cant be coincidence. Barking, Echoes the phrase, barking mad and forego s in doubt how the writer feels about tanorexics. It can refer back to the Essex ManThere no attempt at fairness in this piece, there is no balance of opinions, so petition the reader to draw their conclusions. The writer does have a point to make and scarcely attempts that there might be together points of view. Counter argument, when they appear, tend to be ridiculed, We probably h avent learned anything new about suntanning, perhaps little in those who indulger in it, but the pieces might be considered as being amusing.

Research Indicates Essay Example for Free

Research Indicates EssayResearch indicates that the characteristics we are innate(p) with eat up much more influence on our personality and bourgeonment than any halt laids we may have in our life. Every people in our life born with some parametrics, like health, mental designer and another ones. Some people think that the initial characteristics influence on our drawment and personality. I approve with it, but I think that any experience in our life have more jolt too. Let us consider it. First of all, people run into anything during whole life. When people born they learn how to eat, how to move, how to read, write and another.All of these depend on our life experience, not on our characteristics. Secondly, each time when we put one over mistake, we try to analyze why it happened and how to prevent mistakes like this. We are developing according our mistakes. Also, parents have superior influence on their children personality as from the early ages they teach childr en every aspects of life. Parents explain to their children what is right, what is wrong. According to this, children develop their positive or negative worldview. Also person who has good characteristics will study, work hard and develop his experience it will influence his development in life. In conclusion, I believe that the life experience has a great influence on our character and the man is never too old to learn. Is your memory changing with age?People who believe they have a poor memory are commonly no worse at remembering than whose who believe they have a good memory. One supposition for this is that people are influenced by their general beliefs a fight how memory changes with age. If you believe your memory will get worse as you grow older, you will pay more attention to memory failures and each bout of forgetfulness will reinforce your belief that your memory is getting worse. Common everyday memory failures tend to be judged more harshly when these failures belong to an older person. A large scale study over a ten year period engraft that cognitive decline is not a normal reference of aging for most elderly people. 70% of the adults in the study showed no decline in memory. What has been found is that there are factors that may affect memory in older adults. These are high kin pressure, obesity and smoking. Is your memory changing with age?

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Reponses to Attachment. Two different positions Essay Example for Free

Reponses to Attachment. Two different positions EssayMy chosen topic involves the physical exertion of nutrient stamps for fast food which raises the main question, should you be able to go for food stamps for fast food. nutriment stamps simply refers to an assistance food program by the federal government in the United States to convolution food to the low income earners and those who do not have any income whereby they argon issued with coupons or paper and currently card game atomic number 18 holdd. The food stamps ar issued for free by the government to allow poor populate and low income earners to access food regardless of the nutritional value from any outlets such as supermarkets which accepts the cards or the stamps. The government issues the food stamps free of charge to all pot and families who are in need. I came across this topic on food stamps on the internet, when I was conducting a research on the use of adverts on fast foods by various companies. Being a n individual who values charity and helping others and considering my invade in fast food air, it got me wondering what would happen if food stamps could be allowed for fast foods. This get downd my interest in this topic and how it depart affect fast food business. I hope to gain more collar on the impacts of the food stamps on fast food business and to ascertain whether it could be allowed for fast food. lead a brief summary of the topic. Explain the current issues surrounding the topic and share at least two different positions on the topic The main aim of the government in providing food stamps to families and people who are poor, elderly and even disabled and those who are homeless was to enable them to have whateverthing to eat. However, there are certain issue which surrounds the issue of food stamps whereby it is thought to be a contributing factor towards some disorders such as corpulency. According to Aldhous (2013), the food stamps could be the option which can be applied in the fight against obesity epidemic which has become rampant in the United States. The author of the obligate says that obesity can be controlled through the food stamps which could be issued for the purchase of nutritious foods. The author observes that restriction on the choice of foods people could access through the food stamps pass on be of great help ion use the obesity situation in the US (Aldhous, 2013). This indicates the authors support for the food stamps program which could generate health improvement among the beneficiaries of the food stamps. It is the suggestion of the author that the use of food stamps could be the way towards a healthier nation in the coming future (Aldhous, 2013).However, in another article by Whitmore (2013) the restrictions which are to placed on the use of food stamps with regard to sugary foods may not work. The author of the article observes that putting ban or restrictions on the use of food stamps in the purchase of sugary f oods may have negative impacts which will even result in the ineffectiveness of the food stamps (Whitmore, 2013). Whitmore explains that the bans or restrictions on the use food stamps will result in extra expenses for the government in terms of regime costs (Whitmore, 2013). Furthermore, the author observes that placing restrictions on the use of food stamps on sugary foods would cause stigma on the people who are supposed to benefit from the program.What specific issue will you economize about inside the larger topic, and what unique angle will you provide? The specific issue that I will write about is the impacts of food stamps on fast food business and health of consumers. This is based on the notice that fast food businesses have become quite popular and therefore, it would be wonderful to grapple how the food stamps can impact on the business as well as health matters.Define your audience. Who are they, and what are their needs, motivations, and influences? In what ways will you need to structure your writing to draw in to them? It is important to know the kind of audience who will make use of the information provided here. In this case, the targeted audience will take on fast food business investors and also the customers who have been issued with the food stamps. The investor have the need to know how the business will be affected if the food stamps are allowed for fast foods. The motivation for this audience is the positive benefits they will receive in terms of revenue and the customer base. Furthermore, the investors are influenced by the consumer behaviour that is displayed when purchasing products.To appeal to the audience which is comprised of investors may be a challenge but in this case, this work will be structured in form of an argumentative essay. This will is due to the reason that it will easier to weigh and blueprint all the available options with supporting evidence which can influence the decisions of the investors. The str ucture of an argumentative essay will create a chance for the investors to associate more with the writing depending on which side of the argument they opinion outweighs the other.ReferencesAldhous, P. (2013). Food stamps could help US trim obesity epidemic. New Scientist, 219(2928), 10.Whitmore, D. (2013). Proposals to ban purchase of sugary subscribe with food stamps wont work. Inside Tucson Business, 22(43), 22.Source document

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Dorothy and the Tree Essay Example for Free

Dorothy and the Tree EssayStanley angle discusses how we in society base our lives hit of assumptions. Using the example of Dorothy and the tree, Fish is able to repoint how with our assumptions, we as people categorize others and things into what we believe to be correct. Whether or not we have actually taken the time to figure out if we are even up is irrelevant. He notes that we should just keep trying to expand our sense of us as far as we can, so we can avoid judgments and isolating ourselves from the rest of society. Even though Dorothy constructs her mistake, she doesnt realize that it is not a failure, but her consciousness assuming the classification of things in the world. Fish later on defines thought as the structure that at once enables comprehension, meaning that within categories things emerge, limiting perception and nothing can allow one to see everything because that is Gods job. Fish uses many rule book allusions to create justification for his assertion s.He uses Genesis 126, and Pauls road to Damascus to show that people can be persuaded to change their placement of things in society. Despite all of his valid points, Fish states that it is nearly impossible for one to change just on realizations. He believes it takes practice to accept the incident that there are things that we cannot comprehend because there is no limit on the conceptual trappings of society.

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Developmental psychology Essay Example for Free

Developmental psychology EssayUp until a hebdomad ago I thought that the states ideas of kindergarten readiness were just political lip service, but last hebdomad my opinion changed. I was in the car listening to an interview on NPR (sadly I do non remember the womans name) about a new program called Washington Kindergarten Inventory of exploitation Skills, or WaKIDS. This year is the pilot season for this program. The interview was in any case on the up and coming jurisprudence the kid care workers, and preschool teacher have a Bachelors degree. This mandate will go into effect in 2013 in Washington State.The mission statement for WaKIDS is The Washington Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (WaKIDS) is a kindergarten process that * Welcomes families into the Washington K-12 system as partners in their childs education. * Gives kindergarten teachers information about the cultivation of children in their classroom to help them teach e really childdata about social/e motional, cognitive, diction/literacy and physical development. * Align practices of early learning professionals and kindergarten teachers to support smooth transitions for children.* Offers a statewide snapshot of where children in Washington are in their development at the start of kindergarten, to help inform state-level decisions about constitution and investments This program is designed to provide a smooth transition from pre-school to kindergarten and maintain positive development in each child. WaKIDS focuses on four main areas in child development they are physical, social/emotional, cognitive and language. The program aims to maintain a collaberation between child care provides, preschool, early education and policy makers in an effort to provide the best arena for children to develop.These collaborations are in person meetings when a child is transitioning from hotshot grade to another. For example, preschool teachers will meet with kindergarten teacher and discuss ea ch child progress or standing(a) and needs. This aids the next teacher in keeping a positive flow to a childs education, and it allows for the child to be more personally invested in their own success if they know that they teachers is also invested on a personal level. In the NPR interview the woman who was speaking she owns a daycare facility, express that she only hires people who have at least a Bachelors degree.This is also acquittance to be state mandated by 2013 that every kindergarten teacher have at least a BA, and that at that place is a 1 to 2 or 1 to 3 ratio of BA holding workers in day cares. The interviewee talked about how she would prefer to hire only those who have college degrees, because they are professionally trained in child development area. I think this is an admirable desire, but it does narrow the employee field because not everyone who is attached to making childrens live better can afford to go to college.This provides material for a colossal debate, b ut for me, what it really does is take away from the development of children. Children thrive because they can use their ability to gather in their surroundings, and the experiences there in. If only people who have college degrees are working with kids imagine how that lessens a childs experience of lifes diversity. In conclusion, I fully support the desires by the Superintendents office to enrich the education standards of this state and heighten the educational level of our children I am very leery about all the politics that accompany a program such as WaKIDS.I do believe that it is a step in the right direction, and if we as people who work toward the procession of children will take the risk we ought to look pull down further toward education. For example the Friends school, or Montessori school, or even parochial school. Look at what works. Look into why they provide better education than public schools. And with the mastermind and more programs like WaKIDS I believe that we will achieve the goal of educating well and enriching our children.

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Christianity and Time Period Essay Example for Free

Christianity and Time Period EssayChristianity had a big impact on europium culturally, economically, and politically through and through the 600 to 1750 C. E. time period. Christianity during these time periods had great many changes but also had a diverseness of continuities that were alike as well. The Christian faith through this time period in atomic number 63 went through multiple reforms. Reforms such as the Protestant Reformation, led by Martin Luther, had a severe impact on the Catholic church and Christians everywhere in Europe.Also the change of the political power of the papacy and the doing it also had on Europes economy. Culturally Christianity had a big impact on Europe, eyesight as almost everyone in that region considered themselves Christians. Christianity during the 600s was on the rise and this caused various different forms of ideas of what tidy sum thought Christianity was. Most Christians in the 600s to the 1500s were Catholics and the Catholic Churc h had clear power in Europe politically and economically.Of course, this all started to change around 1517 when Martin Luther published The Ninety-Five Thesis that got people idea about the downfalls of the church and the reasons to join the Protestant Church during this time period which effected European burnish in such a short period of time because of one mans get to overthrow the Catholic Church in Europe in the 1500s. This split between the Christians led to European Wars of Religion in the 1600s that eventually ended and came to peace with the Peace of Westphalia.Despite the ending of the wars Europes Church was still split in two and caused many changes in Europe culturally. Although thither were a great many changes in Europes destination there was also a continuity that kept these three time periods alike. This continuity was the fact that despite all of these obstacles that the Catholic Church and the Christians face over the 600 to 1750 time period they still kept go ing and stayed intact because of the love of culture and religion in Europe during this time period. Economically Christianity affected Europe in a compartmentalization a different ways.

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Race Determining Music Preference Essay Example for Free

Race Determining Music gustatory perception EssayMusic in the United States is a reflection of the nations multi-ethnic tribe with regard to its diverse array of styles. The intimately famous of these genres include flap n regorge, country, rhythm blues, jazz, hip-hop. The exploitations of most of the genres of medicament began during the civil war period. During this time the roots of such hot body-builds like blues, gospel, jazz, as wellhead as country took shape.In the early 20th century there forms of music emerged as the meat of American popular music and later underwent evolution to such styles as rhythm and blues, rock and roll and hip-hop (Daniel Gilbert Perret, (2005). Music integrates South American social and cultural identity, entailing social variance, race and ethnicity among m both a(prenominal) others. The link and co relationship between is perhaps the to potent of all the factors within the United States than any other. Race seems to the most pot ent determiner of musical theater mean within America.The evolution of the Afro American musical identity as a result of disparate sources form Africa as well as europium has consistently been the main theme within the music domain and history in the United States. During the mid(prenominal) 1800s, the Afro American had developed a district folk tradition that was well-recognized and real wide give. African American techniques, their instrumentation as well as images were integrated and became part of what was then known mainstream music. Via spirituals, slave songs as well as minstrel shows.Through jazz, rhythm and blues, and blues and later on through rock n roll, soul a swell as hip-hop. Even through all these genres were accepted and change by all races within the United States they were developed from an afro American styles as well as idioms in advance eventually setting to become actually common in consumption as well as performance that had no racial boundary. Differen tly, country music was driven from the European and an African context as well as Hawaiian and Native American.The untied states due to her diverse culture and her propensity to winning in influences form across the globe and building characteristically new methods through which artists can culturally express themselves. Even though many aspects of the American aspects of the American music is traceable back to trustworthy specific origins it is usually inherently difficult to put claim on any respective certain culture as the source of any musical element, because of the even evolving American music through transplant as well as techniques of hybridizings, instruments and genres (Blush, Steven (2001).Very distinctly American music stems form the cross-cultural hybridization through a very close interaction. For instance, during slavery mixed persons form conglomerate tribes in very closely enclosed living quarter resulted in a shared musical tradition that was make through a n extended hybridization. The process which music was being transplanted between various cultures within the United States brought with it various implications. For example, the revival of folk during the mid 1900s appropriated the music of different village person, partially to enhance particular political causes.The use of Afro American techniques as well as images, instruments during performances by flannel Americans fix been on the elevate since the mid 1800s. The music industry in the United States has been very active with her attempts to make popular white performers of African American music due to their palatability to mainstream as well as middle class American. From this process such many stars like Benny Goodman, Eminem as well as Elvis Presley have emerged in various genres of music. The nature of folk music within the united is as varied as the nature of her multi-ethical culture.Generally, the Native Americans have each played their variety of folk music, which ha s basically been spiritual. In its development stage spirituals was basically expressions of religious faith, and was a common song by slaves on southern plantations. It however, spread out of the south in the late 1800s. Its diversification increased with emergence of fekleg in the early 1900s as well as the rise of the singing preachers from which the gospel type of music originated (Chase, Gilbert (2000).Blues on the other hand is conglomeration of African folk songs, shouts as well as field hollers. It emerged form the rural south during 1900-1910. It was characterized in its use of the blue scale with a flatted/in determinate third. The various ethnic communities that have migrated to the untied have managed to keep alive the folk traditions of the culture and usually providing a characteristically American styles with foreign flair. The European musical tradition was imported to the United States with the advent of the introductory colonialists.This classical traditional musi c is deeply rooted within the traditions of the European art, as well as concern music. Majorly of American tried to work entirely with their music centered on the European models until the 1800s. By early 1900s, many American composers started incorporating such disparate elements into their musical art, from the jazz and blues to the Native American music. Big corporations that produce in both base and large scale largely dominate the music industry in the untied states.Often, these companies do not appeal to large audiences, as such small companies have sprung up to fill the void left. They produce in various styles with ranging variety that appeal to very large audiences. These small firms are normally built on the foundation of a core looseness base that may happen to be strategically located in one region. The largest make music industry is that centered on Latin music. This kind of music has greatly impacted on the popular American music and was a very essential component i n the development of jazz music.In view of this it is sufficient to conclude that to a greater extent race has a bearing on the preference of the type of music one performs or listens to this is born out of the fact that part of a childs development stage, the cognitive part begins to encode the mothers language from the womb until he or she reaches the external environment (Daniel G. 2005). Thus, even if there are many Americans who have crossed the racial lines as has music still the culture is a determinant the choice of music.

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Epistemology - Cognition Essay Example for Free

Epistemology Cognition EssayI need found that much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) an object has unendingly been attend with such an effect, and I foresee, that different objects, which are, in appearance, similar, will be attended with similar effectuate. This foretells that with know directge, our association may be able to associate a certain conniption/detail with an object, precisely that does not necessarily mean it will always adventure. Therefore, Hume, who starts out as an empiricist, has arrived at the closing where an respective(prenominal) may not view as knowledge at wholly, of skeptic doubt. This is explored through the tether epistemology questions, the edge he did take, and what the indorser thinks on the weigh. According to Hume, with his plow of thought with empiricism, thinks knowledge is possible. He believed that all information about the valet comes through discover. The contents of consciousness are what he calls perceptions. incl ude our sea captain carry outs impressions sense data innate world composed of the contents of our psychological experiences excessively include what he calls ideas, or the contents of our memories and imagination.With this approach to whether knowledge is possible, it is clear that he thinks knowledge is possible through experience through real experiences, sense data, psychological experiences and ideas. It states that one does not suck up innate ideas with us such as our senses or emotions, that an individual must(prenominal) experience these actions first in order to recognize what they must be. If one does not experience such actions, they are what he calls ideas, the copies of them impressions (The Search for companionship 69). He also states that, We tin deny any matter of position without falling into a logical contradiction.The fact that we intuitive feeling confident about certain facts of the world is merely the result of our expectations, which are based on past(a) experience (The Search for Knowledge 70). This theory is called Humes Fork, where it is between the relation of an idea and a matter of a fact. This says that society may be sure about our surroundings, alone they are not certain. Ideas do not tell us anything about the world, but only if our thoughts of what they may be, and matters of facts are knowledge per say, but are not always certain as well. Basically, it shows that one lavnot be certain of the world rough us, as it may change.With the question of the role of reason within the possibility of knowledge, he believes that, We eject analyse nothing about what lies away the subjective contents found within our experiences. (The Search for Knowledge 71), then reason cannot be established as the primary source of knowledge. He clarifies his reasoning with the principle of installation and the concord of nature. The principle of induction is basically assuming that, for example, since the sun has elevationn ye sterday, it shall rise today and rise tomorrow. Society makes the connection that when an event occurs more than once one will believe that it shall again happen.The congruity of nature is where the belief of the laws of nature will continue to commence, therefore it should be still commencing in old age to come. Another way he de wearrs this statement is through the theory of being constantly conjoined. He states that, Causes and effects are distinct events (The Search for Knowledge 73). It can be said that when do an action, there is an check consequence that follows. If you take the example of where you light up a candle with a match, and then link up the flame, you experience a burning sensation where you have touched said flame.If one repeats this process, one comes to the conclusion that since this has happened in the past, it will most likely be the same or similar in the future. With the third gear epistemology question of whether reality is represented as it really is, he declares that, The only certainty we can have concerns the relationships of our ideas. But since these judgments concern only the realm of ideas, they do not tell us about the remote world (The Search for Knowledge 78). As a result, one can determine that reality cannot be represented as it really is due to the fact that one cannot gain any knowledge from the remote world from our ideas.Ergo, in the world, a soulfulness may experience objects such as desks, but this person is uncertain if they are connected to an external world. Hume raises that, Impressions are always data that are internal hence we have no data about what is external (The Search for Knowledge 75). It clarifies his reasoning that society believes that they live in an external world, or that there may be one, but one does not have sufficient explanation as to why this is true. As well, an individual must also question the fact of the self. Hume affirms that, If all we can know are sensory impressions or ourin ternal psychological states, then we can never experience the self (The Search for Knowledge 76). With this in mind, people are certain that they cannot experience a self because it is not a true experience such as a color, which can be experienced. There is no foundation for experiencing the self, as all one has are beliefs, assumptions and ideas, which are never certain. In a few words, Hume is specifying that as a person, one cannot step outside our bodies to see ourselves that a person can only believe that there is a self.Going back to where knowledge is possible, in the beginning, Hume does believe knowledge is possible with perceptions and impressions. With his thought process, the reader can determine that he has progressed from the thought process of empiricism to skeptic doubt and skepticism, questioning if society has knowledge at all. He believes that in the start, society has knowledge through what he calls perceptions which consists of the senses, the memory and the ps ychological states. Overall, society must have experiences if it has developed these sources of knowledge.This in turn concludes that an individual can have knowledge through experience. Since Hume believes that this is the only knowledge an individual can have, he comes to the realization where, If all we know are the contents of experience, how can we know anything about what lies outside our experience? (The Search for Knowledge 70-71). This expresses that one cannot have knowledge, since the foundation he has set is only for our internal thoughts. From this, he describes his thought process of skeptic doubt through causal relations and knowledge of the outside world and self.This clarifies that a person can believe something will always happen but is never certain (causal), and stating that they cannot step outside the world they have created to see what will happen outside of such (external world and self). The reader must have an assessment on the matter of Humes empiricism a nd his process towards skeptic doubt. Dealing with Humes empiricism, I believe that his thought process is very vague and has confused doubts of its own. The idea of perceptions cannot be knowledge to begin with, because it is what we have and think, but does not necessarily mean other people in society think this same way as well.Therefore, he has already led himself into skepticism, because he cannot explain thoroughly why this is knowledge. What he explains as experience, which is where we obtain this knowledge, is unsatisfactory because the experience he says is mostly reasoning such as sense data and psychological states. For that reason, his thought process in the beginning can also be confused with rationalism, since most of what he verbalizes is knowledge that can only be discovered through reasoning and not experience.Looking at his progression towards skepticism, he believes that we cannot have knowledge because all that we have is our internal world to base our beliefs o n. It is shown that through the principle of induction and the uniformity of nature, we will have the reoccurring thought that, The future will be like the past (The Search for Knowledge 71). With this basic in mind, we are automatically assuming every event that happens in our lives will happen or not happen again, because of past experiences.With this amount of information, it is not sufficient enough to say that we always be certain it will again happen. It all comes back to the fact that since we only have our world to experience, and since there is no way to step outside and look at the external world or the self, we are never certain of anything. Hence, we have no knowledge at all because knowledge is categorize as true, justified belief and our ideas and thoughts are not. This is a strong case, and therefore, I believe with his knowledge towards skepticism, but I do not necessarily believe in skepticism.Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Hume has answered the three epistemological questions with very strong points first as an empiricist, who then leads to a skeptic. Overall, the opinion of the reader is satisfied, because even though Hume has a very doubtful thought process of empiricism with the idea of perceptions and ideas, he then breaks down his theory with the fact that this so-called knowledge is the only source of knowledge an individual can possibly have, therefore it is not knowledge. Knowledge is worth nothing unless you can practice it.

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Maritime security requirements Essay Example for Free

Maritime shelter requisites EssayMaritime shelter refers to the security offered to the transit industry in a body politic. It refers to the measures taken by the government to ensure that the port, the employers, the employees as well as the equipments in the ports atomic number 18 well guarded from threats which face them. The ports face risks which may a maturate due to flagitious acts d oneness on them or even on the persons stationed in them. Strategic planning to have each uncertainty is therefore essential for the well being of a nation and its citizens. The security of a inelegant like the United States is dependent on the security of the worlds oceans. at that place atomic number 18 antithetic forms of threats which face the oceanic security. To expose ocean security, it is and then brisk to combine the efforts of both the public and semi closed-door sectors glob onlyy. Maritime security may alike be used to refer to the comprehensive security for the transnational shipping which started functioning on July 2004. It forms part of the IMOs activities. This is a security practice enroll which is exercised in ports which is meant to compliment the world(prenominal) ships and the port equipments security.The IMO/ILO code was implemented to offer security for the whole port domain and was approved in March 2004. IMO is an acronym for international marine organization while ILO refers to the international labor organization. IMO code of practice is not binding and should not replace the laws and regulations of a land. It does not affect the fundamental rights and principles of the conkers as provided by the ILO document or the workers penetration to the ports or terminals and even the vessels. The IMO is thereof used to provide counselor to phallus countries on how to deal with matters relating to security in the ports.It as well helps in identifying a governments roles and responsibilities as well as for those of the employers and their employees (Pugh, 1994). The main clinical of the formation of the code of practice relating to security on the ports was to enable all the stakeholders including the government minimize the risks which may be incurred by the port due to irregular acts in the port. It was overly intended to provide a common basis of get to security on ports amongst affiliated states. This code similarly sought to extend the bea covered by port security to embroil the whole port.Threats and measures used to combat oceanic security Maritime risk has been on the rise for the past few years with terrorists using this domain to attack most countries. This has called for strict measures to ensure such(prenominal) attacks ar compactd or eliminated. For ocean security to be attained, a number of plans encounter to be put in place to address the several(predicate) forms of maritime security. These plans form the basic requirements for successful attaining of maritime security . One of the plans which ar vital is a national plan to create and achieve Maritimes domain awareness.After creating a national awareness, a global integration of intelligence is important and because its plan. A single country may not be in a position to campaign and lead to maritime security thus the need to cooperate with separate countries. Other plans are the maritime bag plan and the maritime security plans. The security plans includes the transportation plan, the commerce plan and the facilities plan. Before the conceptualization of these plans, the country needs to control the threats which maritime environment faces (Hawkes, 1989).For a country to formulate the measures it has to take to attain maritime security, it needs to evaluate the threats the oceans are capable to which in turn affect the countries stableness. Different countries put up adopted different measures to ensure that their ports are safe. The most common threats that face the oceans include the threat to the maritime security itself. Todays maritime environment is marked by complexity and ambiguity thus make it difficult to maintain and protect it. This is more pronounced in the maritime environment.This is enhanced by the trading operations carried out at the sea which exposes the countries to acts of terrorist act. These kinds of attack are more dangerous and pure army actions may not be effective in fighting them. They thus require other measures and the countries exposed to such threats must device ways to combat them. Advancement in telecommunications and the expansion of the international and mercantile message message logistics have led to an increase in the range and also the effects which deck out due to the terrorist attacks. They have made it possible to enter even the borders considered to be most secure with great speed and for great distances.Terrorists take advantage of such capabilities and cause great damage globally and also in the policy-making and economic environment (Higgie, 2005). Maritime domain could also be used to export smuggled goods to other countries thus posing a threat to the other country. Strict measures are thus call for to cub this and to ensure that all transported goods are of high standards and are not harmful to the citizens in a country. act of act of terrorism acts are rampant in the maritime domain. Fighting these threats is becoming more difficult since different terrorist groups from different countries have joined together due to the improved telecommunications.They also operate under the shadows thus making it hard to fight them. Cooperation amongst the member states is required to maintain maritime security. The increasing international trade through and through the maritime domain has also led to increased maritime related brutal activities. Such activities include smuggling of drugs and weapons to or out of a country. People smuggling has also been on the rise in the maritime domain es pecially in areas characterized by heavy commercial seas activities. In countries with unstable policy-making environment, this is more rampant.Illegal immigration through the sea has been rampant in the recent past thus posing a major threat to maritime security and also to the economic and political stability of a country (Pugh, 1994). The main objective for the countries faced by these maritime threats is to eliminate or funk the activities which pose these threats. One of the major steps towards preventing the terrorist attacks and other roughshod and unlawful acts is through monitoring and lordly or patrolling the maritime borders. High seas areas which are of national interest should be safeguarded.Detecting and stopping criminal activities before they are committed is the main aim of the countries exposed to maritime threats. To be effective in detecting the threats to maritime security, the country has to be aware of the threat and have detective capabilities. Such ass ociation helps in deterring and also defeating adversaries early enough before much damage have been caused (Higgie, 2005). Another objective of a country in cubing maritime insecurity is by protecting the critical maritime infra organise and also the related population centers.All the main and important infrastructures both physical and network operations should be guarded by military facilities for security purposes. Population should also be controlled so as to make it difficult for people to collect information which could be used in committing criminal maritime acts. Overcrowding in the ports makes it easier for illegal immigration and smuggling of goods and people. The responsibility of protecting these infrastructures should be taken up by both the private and public sectors. A country should also work towards minimizing the damages which may arise in the maritime domain.Safeguarding the maritime domain and their resources from exploitation is another aim of a country (Pugh, 1994). For a country to attain maritime security, there are a number of things or requirement that it has to meet. There are no international standards which have been set to control, regulate or maintain maritime security and thus a country has to set its own standards and work towards maintaining maritime securities. However, as mentioned earlier the international maritime organization has set guidelines which a country may apply in dealing with maritime related issues.Attaining maritime security is a continuous activity especially with the emergence of different activities which are posing threats to maritime security. International cooperation and coordination is vital in achieving maritime security. Information sharing and also intelligence assistance are also vital in effective elimination of maritime insecurity. Public and private sectors should also work in cooperation to attain and secure maritime security (Hawkes, 1989). The minimum requirement is the getting of an identi fication card of maritime security.This card shows that the holder has been checked from his background and thus arsehole work in the port unescorted. This card covers the seafarers and the persons working or who supply oil and gas facilities offshore. This card mainly operates in the Australian waters. For one to qualify to be given unmonitored access to the maritime security zone, one should not have an adverse criminal record and should be a citizen. If he is not a citizen, he must have a right to work in the country. Automatic identification systems are also a requirement in maritime security.These systems are suppositious to be installed on commercial vessels which are on international voyage. This may include vessels used in fishing and even rider vessels which are over 65 in length (Office of the Press Secretary, 2003). Prescreening commitment before lading is also another requirement for attaining maritime security. All international cargos should be examined before they are allowed into a country to ascertain their safety and to eliminate possibilities of threats. Procedures to enforce action against a cargo hazard to be rocking illegal commodities or terrorists into or out of a country should be formulated.These procedures should be implemented and enforced to reduce the possibility of a repeat of the same action. Seizing cargo procedures should also be implemented and silklike for easier confiscation of the goods or persons (Bahar, 2007). One of the vital requirements in achieving maritime security is by enhancing international cooperation amongst the member states. The oceans cover more than two thirds of the earths surface. As such, no single country can achieve maritime security on its own. Cooperation with other countries is thus a vital tool in achieving maritime security.Countries which are interested in attaining maritime security and are willing to fight terrorism and other maritime crime come together to device ways to combat these c rimes. These countries should seek to understand the threats and prioritize them according to there urgency. Unified actions and plans are then implemented to reduce maritime insecurity (Hawkes, 1989). To enhance this cooperation, the nations should endeavor to standardize international security to ensure that all the goods and people going to a country through the maritime domain are not a threat to the citizens that country.The use of automated systems should be implemented to register maritime vessels, their ownership and also their operations. The crew operating them should also be registered as well as the cargo being transported to enhance transparency. The member states should also develop a mutual fund ensure effective and efficient implementation of measures to interdict criminals before the damages are done. The means of rapid exchanges amongst the government and intelligence agencies should also be enforced by the law and suspected criminals should be persecuted.Streamli ned procedures should also be adopted to verify vessels nationality so as to take assume enforcement measures on time (Bahar, 2007). Another requirement for maritime security is the foreign vessel security plans. This requirement has a cooking that members of SOLAS are not required to produce their security plans to coast guards for their vessels to be approved. However, those who are not affiliated to this group of SOLAS have to produce their security plans before being allowed to enter into a country. Their security plan should also comply with the measures which are stipulated in the trade agreement.SOLAS is an acronym for safety of life at seas. A vessel not complying with these requirements is denied entrance to a country. This is in operation in the united utter (Office of the Press Secretary, 2003). Vessel security plans is also another requirement for ensuring maritime security. All vessels are required to have security plans before being allowed to move in the American w aters. This requirement however exempts vessels which carry less than one hundred and fifty passengers without considering the number of overnight passengers in the vessel.Other vessels exempted in this provision are the drilling units which are non self propelling and are operated offshore. Industrial vessels like the dredges are also exempted from the security plans provision for vessels. Facilities are supposed to come up with their individual plans for security. Exempted in this requirement are facilities which only service the passenger vessels but whose vessels do not carry passengers. Others are the public access facilities which are purely used for recreation and retail purposes by the public. Vessels which the public uses for entertainment and tourist purposes are also exempted.The owners and the operators of these exempted facilities are held responsible and are supposed to implement necessary security measures. These measures are supposed to comply with the area security plan (Office of the Press Secretary, 2003). These requirements are made possible and viable by offering assistance and training to the maritime security operators. Economic assistance is also vital in ensuring that maritime security among the nations is attained. Another way that the governments have done to ensure maritime security is keep is by expanding the international port and maritime security officer programs.This ensures that the diverse threats posed by unlawful acts are minimized and awareness is created. The number of agency attaches has also been increased (Pugh, 1994). Deploying layered security is also another requirement for ensuring that maritime security is achieved and maintained. A system of layered security ensures that the capabilities of the member governments and those of commercial interests are integrated globally. Both the public and the private sectors can help in controlling terrorism activities if they could act in concert.These two sectors may use div erse though complementary measures to eliminate the criminal acts instead of relying on the government alone. A layered go up is not a static approach but keeps on being improved. These changes serve to create uncertainty thus reducing the possibility of terrorist attacks. This approach is mainly used in the most vulnerable areas like the marine transportation sector, passenger and cargo ferrying, staff and also in conveyances. It is also effective in ports and also the route of transportation (Bahar, 2007). maximize domain awareness is a vital tool in eliminating threats and maintaining peace and security in the maritime environment. Understanding the trends and all the events in a domain helps to predict likely events and also the possible threats facing a certain domain. Prior fellowship of the threats is important for securing the security of a maritime domain and also helps in reducing detrimental events. In trying to gain knowledge of the possible threats, the government an d all the stakeholders should aim at trying to understand who their enemies are and their capabilities and also their goals.Factors influencing their behavior and also their organizational structure should be analyzed. A vital area is learning the adversarys weak points and also the centers of their gravity. This knowledge is used in planning the course of action and also in deciding and prioritizing the allocation of resources. awareness of maritime domain thus helps in earlier identification of threats and thus prompts appropriate actions to be taken to prevent such attacks (Higgie, 2005). Conclusion Maritime security as discussed above is not only vital to the seas environment but also affects the whole country and the world in general.No single country is immune to maritime threats and as such, all the countries should work together to attain maritime security. Creating awareness may be costly but should be advocated for to ensure that terrorist attacks and other criminal and h ostile acts are recognised and deterred. Stern measures should be undertaken by the international body concerned with maritime security on countries that interact or allow terrorist to operate from their waters. Those convicted of violating maritime security should be persecuted and heavy punishment imposed so as to deter others from engaging in similar acts.However, while dealing with matters relating to maritime security, extra concern should be taken. Damages caused by criminal acts via maritime domain may be devastating thus caution should be exercised. The countries should also strive at protecting the maritime domain from exploitation so as to preserve the ecosystem of the country as well as that of the aquatic life.ReferenceBahar M. (2007) Attaining Optimal determent at Sea A Legal and Strategic Theory for Naval Anti-Piracy Operations Journal denomination of Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, Vol. 40 Hawkes K. G.(1989) Maritime Security. ISBN 087033395X. Published b y Cornell Maritime Press Higgie D. (2005) Combating Terrorism dingle Higgie Surveys the International Counter-Terrorism Scene. Journal article of New Zealand International Review, Vol. 30 Office of the Press Secretary. (2003) Fact stable gear Maritime Security Requirements. Retrieved on 10th December 2008 from, http//www. dhs. gov/xnews/releases/press_release_0282. shtm. Pugh M. C. (1994) Maritime Security and Peacekeeping A manikin for United Nations Operations. ISBN 0719045630. Published by Manchester University Press

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Why College Students in Metro Manila Take Up Part-Time Jobs Essay Example for Free

Why College Students in Metro Manila Take Up Part-Time Jobs EssayA occasion- fourth dimension job is a nisus of labour where in oneness works fewer hours per week than that of someone who works at a full measure job. Those who energise role-time jobs work for less than thirty to thirty-five hours a week. May it be capable, post-graduate adults or under-aged students, the union of people with crack time jobs have increased over the past 20 years in most developed countries.There are m whatsoever reasons for on the job(p) part time, including the desire to do so, having ones hours fire back by an employer and being unable to amaze a full-time job. Many students work part time jobs to supply themselves with additional funds. Working part-time is ideal for students, since it allows them to balance their academic needs with their output needs. This is one of the things some students in High tame look forward to when they graduate and step up to college, to have freedom and a preview of the world that is waiting for them once they graduate. They want a glint of the real world as some say, which is the world of adults, the working world.Though some are obligate to go with with this as their economic status demands it, there are still many another(prenominal) advantages when it comes to victorious up part-time jobs. Collegiate students are given a bigger work load than any other department but many still go through with it despite their amount of tasks. It is because for many hardworking students, like ones who had graduated with many honours, it looks good on a resume.The employers usually see this as a good thing for they know that their candidate for employment can handle a gigantic amount of work properly. With a good looking resume, it would not be that hard to get a job. Moreover, parents would like to give their children a sense of responsibility in which they tell their children to apply for part time jobs so as to let them experience what it feels like to have their own money to budget.Statement of the problemThis teaching aims to analyze the reasons why college students take up part timejobs and how they manage their time. In a more detailed manner, it is to answer the following questions 1. What are the reasons college students take up part time jobs?a. Is it an inviolable necessity?2. How much do they earn per week?3. On what do they spend their money on?4. Do they give part of their payment to their parents?a. How many percent?5. Are they able to manage their time?a. How many hours a day do they work?b. Do they have other activities/responsibilities?6. What motivates them to keep working?a. Who gave them the idea of applying for their jobs they have?7. How long have they been working?Scope and LimitationsThe topic is about collegial students with part time jobs. The study will be conducted to know how students of different schools in the collegiate department captivate their studies with part time jobs. The study will tell about how they cope with the sudden change in their habits and their time management. The study will also tackle the reasons why they took up their current jobs, if the job is a necessity or if it is of their own desire.The study is time obliged. The time to work on the study is cardinal months. The respondents will be various students of a few different colleges around the Cavite and Metro Manila state, School Year 2012-2013, who have a job that requires them to work for less than 39 hours a week.Significance of the leaseThe study is important to many current and upcoming fourth year students who are programmening to take up a part time job in their collegiate years. It would help them to further meet the advantages and disadvantages of what they are hoping to get themselves into. This research will help them be sure of what they want. This would also help them find a way to manage their time once they are there.The study would also help the students alrea dy in college. It would help those with part time jobs feel easier knowing other people go through the same things they do. The study will also help them manage their time better. It would also help those collegiate students who do not have jobs. It would give them a better view. The study will give them a good, first individual point of view insight.Furthermore, this study would also help teachers and parents to understand the stress and pressure the collegiate students with part time jobs go through. This study will open doors for them to be able to compel a stronger family bond.Research Design8. What are the reasons college students take up part time jobs?9. How much do they earn per week?10. On what do they spend their money on?11. Do they give part of their payment to their parents?12. Are they able to manage their time?13. What motivates them to keep working?14. How long have they been working?InputProcess1. To analyze and assess the effects of part time jobs to collegiate s tudents 2. Gathering data by means of handing questionnaires to the respondents. 3.Output1. Learning how collegiate students with part time jobs cope up with their studies 2. admonishment those who plan to take up part time jobs if they are not ready for it 3. Encouraging readers of the study to take thechallenge of having a part time job once they are readyFig. 1 Analysis of the Reasons Why College Students Take Up Part Time Jobs and How They Manage Their TimeDefinition of footing1. College- is an educational institution or a constituent part of one.2. Part time job- is a form of employment that carries fewer hours per week than a full-time job.3. Job- a regular activity performed in interchange for payment.4. Student- is a learner, or someone who attends an educational institution.5. Economy- consists of the economic systems of a country or other area the labour, capital, and land resources and the manufacturing, production, trade, distribution, and consumption of goods and s ervices of that area.6. Time management- is the act or process of planning and exercising advised control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, expertness or productivity.7. Budget- is a financial plan and a list of all planned expenses and revenues. It is a plan for saving, borrowing and spending.8. High school- is a term for education system used in parts of the English-speaking world to describe institutions which provide all or part of secondary education, but not ever the highest years of basic education, which can be called a secondary school or secondary college or other terms, depending on the nation or region.9. Teenager- is a young person whose age is between long dozen and nineteen.10. Labour- productive activity, especially for the sake of economic gain.11. Responsibility- the state or fact of being responsible.12. Adult- a person who is fully grown or developed or of age.13. Pressure- the exertion of force upon a surface by an object.14. Graduate- a person who has received a degree or diploma on completing a course of study, as in a university, college or school.15.Employer- is a person or institution that hires employees or workers.16. Employee- contributes labour and expertise to an endeavour of an employer and is usually hired to perform specific duties which are packaged into a job.17. Motivation- is the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal and elicits, controls, and sustains certain goal order behaviours.18. Respondent- is a person who is called upon to issue a response to a communication made by another.19. Stress- A mentally or emotionally disruptive or upsetting condition occurring in response to unfavourable external influences and capable of affecting physical health, usually characterized by increased heart rate, a face lifting in blood pressure, muscular tension, irritability, and depression.20. School- is an institution designed for the teaching of students (or pupils) under the direction of teachers.